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    Med science vs science

    So basically I've been having questions on which is a better degree for me to undertake. I accepted my main round offer into uws for a bachelor of medical science (advanced). However recently I was made an offer into usyd for a bachelor of science. My long term plan is to eventually pursue...
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    Atar estimate urgently, urgent

    woah wasnt expecting anything to be near 80's ;). All these atar calculators made me so pessimistic
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    Atar estimate urgently, urgent

    Estimations always give you some kinda alert call :p
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    Atar estimate urgently, urgent

    So hsc comes out in a few days yikes! I'd appreciate if someone can give me a rough estimate of what I shall expect on wednesday! school rank: aprox 166-169 English Standard: 1/71 Biology:13/51 Business Studies:13/57 Chemistry:19/33 Mathematics:20/45
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    Creative short story reflecting change

    I'm looking for ideas for a short story,,usin a visual text as a topic that reflects change in a creative speech(more like a short story using descriptive language) Ideas simmilar to "sky-High" by Hannah Robert.