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    Oh and because I’m such a nice guy who happened to come across a topic about my residency on a HSC forum (don’t ask) I’ll even answer your questions directly. “Is it social?” It’s what you make of it. There were people living there, even people on my own floor, who I barely spoke a word to...
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    Don't listen to any rubbish about Fenner being cut off socially, we got a bad rep from the '05 '06 years but last year we had one of the best first year intakes (I joked that our motto should be Fenner: So you applied late?). We have some great traditional Fenner social events, and our sport and...
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    Offers for 07 new students!

    Actuarial/Finance Hell yeah you did.
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    UAI 99.85 - 4Umaths 97; 3Umaths 98; Physics 95 AuburnParmtaBurwood region

    Why girls only might I ask? Would you like to discriminate against any races/creeds while you’re at it? Perhaps you should also refuse to tutor Caucasian Jews?
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    5 bonus points

    Hello. I’m here wondering if someone could fill me in on how the ‘up to 5 bonus points’ system that is in place if one is applying to a Faculty of Economics & Commerce degree works. It says as long as you get 60% + in english and maths (or perhaps it was English and/or maths?), and I was...
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    EDTA question.

    Other dissolved ions in the water.
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    Hard Or Easy?

    Bahaha Dikeymikey got raped by you guys. But I thought it was about average standard when compared to the other tests.
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    Estimate Your Raw Mark.

    Low 90s would be nice. I usually (well always so far) get 20/20 for multiple choice, hopefully ill only lose 2 or so in the short answers and then maybe 18 for my first essay and 16 for the other one. Thats as best as I can estimate give or take three or so marks (more likely take than give).
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    previous Q less likely to be in this yrs exam?

    As much as they would deny it yes, there would is (from looking at previous years where say 2/3 of dot points have been covered but only 1/10 twice) a tendency to cover a higher percentage of dot points that have yet to be asked in a hsc exam. I wouldn't change your study pattern too drastically...
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    Satan wrote that exam

    Yeha to be fair I should have nailed the brecht, I put it down to lack of study for drama as it'll be my 11 and 12th units. Also yes we did see the STC's production and our drama teacher was no dropkick, he's actually quite renowned in drama circles. 11/21 performers at our school got at least...
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    Satan wrote that exam

    And I curse the unholy prince of sin for further plaguing me by fabricating questions that ran in complete juxtaposition to my theses’. What have I don’t to dishonour you oh malevolent Lucifer?
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    Found an error in one of the resource tests!

    Doonside Technology HS '01 Trial Exam: Question 17) Consider the following ions: CH3COO-, NH4+ and HPO4 2- a) Which of the ions above can act as an amphiprotic species? Now to me I don't think this question has an answer. HPO4 seems to be the only real possibility (even though I have never...
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    Chemistry Dot Pts. Cheers mate.
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    Mass (Volume) Calculation I cannot seem to get right!

    1.3 Grams of Zinc react with excess hydrochloric acid at SLC (in which one mole of gas 24.5 L). What volume of Hydrogen gas forms? The answer is 0.487L but I keep getting half that.