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    Auburn is a multicultural shit pool

    Good to see the Australia’s future gene pool is looking healthy. There is nothing like anecdotal evidence to convince the masses. It is true that when one passes through Auburn you are looking for the hole god placed the enema, but it does have many cultural highlights that has it competing...
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    what makes james ruse better than other schools??

    I think it must be their elite sporting teams. I heard they have a real tough rugby league side.
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    Relationships in Uni?

    The relationship will not last. Drink the potent brew of lust and adventure that uni offers. Forget the past and your girlfriend. Luke the dark side is very powerful.
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    Was/Is Oil Supply the reason for the Iraqi War/Occupation?

    xemoxxxcore wrote: "The war being "For oil" is a myth propagated by the Bush Administration to gather support for the war. In reality the war has nothing to do with securing oil supplies themselves. It's all about doing as much damage as possible to Iraq and killing as many people (up to 10...
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    General Chatter

    Re: wow, possibly the easiest thing ive done I was wondering if it was about some historian called John West and the fish he rejected at some remote dock in Alaska. It never occured to me that a metaphor was what I was looking at. Imagine my disappointment when discussing the catch of the day...
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    Japan anyone?

    Anyone doing Japan?
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    What case studies are you doing?

    We are doing Western Imperialism. It fits in well with WW1, Japan 1901-37 and the Pacific War. It also has a good link, via its anti colonialism components, with History Wars. We just did an extensive task relating to a document in which Windshuttle provides a particularly good spin defending...
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    Narrative History

    "Nelsonian does make an excellent point, though, about the abilities of the HSC markers. " Finally a person of breeding and class to make such an astute remark. Emo guy: ' He [Amenhotep] smote the Kush' dont you mean: "He [Amenhotep] smoke the Hash" I haven't heard of a good smote since...
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    Narrative History

    Darcho you need to have a little more class than that. Argue the issues don't play the man. I thought you wanted help with your essay on the narrative. Perhaps your work should be the history of gay bashing. Potent stuff I'm sure it would be. Use you mind not the swamp you have as a mouth...
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    Narrative History

    Welcome to the HSC. Please don't kid yourselves into thinking that the battery hens that will mark the papers will anxiously sit there waiting for some budding von Ranke to brighten up their day. As mad as Darcho may sound his point is not to be casually dismissed. It is impossible to relate to...
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    Narrative History

    I love the smell of napalm in the morning. Darcho you could attack your study from a variety of angles concerning the vulnerability of the narrative. I suggest you focus on one, backup your idea with atleast 3 expert opinions and give examples Herodotus loved a good story (more than the facts at...
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    Truth in history - The rape of Nanking

    Also: The Question of War Responsibility 60 Years: The Path of a Nation Striving for Global Peace This pamphlet, and accompanying fact sheet (, are available from the website of Japan's...
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    Truth in history - The rape of Nanking

    try looking here:
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    Turning pints of WW1

    Darcho you must stop opening car doors with your head. Everyone knows Ho Chi Minh was the girlfriend of that famous Asian gangsta rapper Dien Bien Phu....word!
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    Turning pints of WW1

    Naval blockade is an arguable point and could be valid. I left it out because it was expected and the Germans knew they would be shut down at sea. Their submarines offered a glimmer of hope but they were used as an economic more than military tool. By economic I refer to their attacks on supply...
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    Narrative History

    Try theses darcho: Deconstructing History by Dr Alun Munslow Book review: An Engagement with Postmodern Foes, Literary Theorists and Friends on the Borders with History Reviewer: Professor Patrick Karl O'Brien Professor Emeritus of...
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    Let it go pilgrim! Stick to the enjoyment of lager and the ambience of Vienna. Leave Mr Ikki and company to their own devices.
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    Turning pints of WW1

    Lets look at the significant events. Belgians hold out at Liege and the British arrival in Belgium, this slowed down the German timetable and also turned the war into a world war. The collective battles to the sea and the Marne turned the war from one of movement to stalemate. The failed...