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    [Option Topic] Software Developer's View of Hardware

    wasn't toooooooooooo bad. except the flip flop i had no idea! fucked that up and i think i stuffed the last one too! everyone was like well that question is gay! wot did u write! summary of it
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    Multiple Choice

    hahah someone in my class left after 1hr 7 min! complete dumbass. another after like 1 hour 30 min or so, heaps left at 2 hours so dont be so down about it
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    Multiple Choice

    obsessing? just well wanna know how i went! and plus u will never know wot uget for multiple choice unless u find out other peoples thoughts. obviously you have no life if ur just gunna come on here to give people crap i know ur joking but for some reason other people have that mentality
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    Multiple Choice

    It? i got da too! still i wanna know wot i got right! anyone willing to post wot they think are the correct answers? if u have the "Who knows, who cares...the exam is now over" then why are you here?
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    Good Luck Software 2003

    Thanks - Software Sucks And Will Live To Stay That Way Forever R.I.P Software Design 2003
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    No Normalisation!!!

    ohh im' looking forward to software desgin tomorrow! should be loads of fun tomorrow! i'm not sure wot they are gunna ask me! damm gay course! software sucks dogs balls
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    Entire Answers Anyone?

    Anyone interested in posting entire answers to the exam here, either grab them from other posts and put them here. cause i know forsure i'd be intersted in seeing how i would of went in this exam. so if anyone wants to help, post bits and pieces of the exam here.
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    U think u guys stuffed up,, listen to this...

    and well getting 89 would be a big ask i think looking back at that exam! wasn't the easiest 3hrs in the world
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    Multiple Choice Answers

    yeah i realise that now! looked good at the time! its one of them ones u walk in the door when you get home and you go "what the hell was i thinking at that moment in time - you idiot" lol!
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    answers to Question 26?

    Hey, anyone wanna post answers to question 26 in here? in particular 26)b)
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    2003 HSC Exam Paper *INSIDE*

    what about 8? and 7
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    2003 HSC Exam Paper *INSIDE*

    so the answer would be?
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    2003 HSC Exam Paper *INSIDE*

    was a very long exam though! lots of writing. did everyone fill up the booklets?
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    2003 HSC Exam Paper *INSIDE*

    i just got told u have to do wot i put for the answer which would be all of them divded by 1024
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    2003 HSC Exam Paper *INSIDE*

    no i put A! i had it explained to me before the exam
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    2003 HSC Exam Paper *INSIDE*

    what did people put for question 20? i saw two answers which could be correct i ended up going for b wot did everyone else put?
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    How much did you write

    besides what ever happen to the term quality not quantity
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    How many ppl at your school left early?

    2 people left from our skool. with about 30 min to go and the other with about 20 to go! i almost ran out of time
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    Stupid IT Teacher

    hey i avg 90% in it yet havn't learnt a thing, in a way it is general knowledge for me but for the people who know nothing coming into the course i feel sorry for them because the it syllabus needs to be restructured and in regards to assignments, i dont think i have ever had one! shows how...