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    Hi anyone mind helping me out with this question from the 2002 hsc paper? any help or sample answers or anythign needed. this part of chemistry is my weakest :( Q: Describe the physical and chemical processes needed to purify and sanitise a town water supply (5marks) thankyou
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    the NEW HSC

    sorry for the many and probably silly questions, but why is then that people say if its a harder exam you get scaled more. wouldnt it just be that if it was a hard exam no one will get a band6 and so hgihest mark wont be so high ?
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    the NEW HSC

    so does that mean it can occur that no one gets a band 6 in a subject? or will whoever got the highest in the subject gets bad 6?
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    the NEW HSC

    wasnt there a change in the hsc from 2001. like there was this 'new hsc' 3years ago? thats what i been hearing i duno... :(
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    the NEW HSC

    hi i just have a question about the new HSC. i hear that the new hsc isnt about rank and all, as in now its just if u achieved the band6 or band5 and so on? is that true? if so does that mean there could be a year with no band 6 in a subject? or does it still work in the way that the TOP X...
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    internal vs external

    hi, i was just wondering if someone is ranked first overall in the internal component, then comes like 3rd say out of those in his school in the hsc exam, does he get scaled down? Scenario: like say i came first in english and this other guy came 3rd. but in the hsc exam he beat me, do i get...
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    for the find k question, i accidently took reciprocal as a, -a instead of a, 1/a . would i still get marks if my answer was correct based on the wrong idea? :D by the way, the reason i am asking this is because i did soemthing similar in anoither question so i am curious (i am not worried...
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    hmm i got k=-12 :( there goes a couple of marks there.......
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    raw marks

    is it possible that you get scaled down?
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    Starting at Q8?

    i prefer to start at 8, like ND said ur brain is fresh at the start. if its taking too much time i run to the start. and yes they are easy marks so it shouldnt take long to get them done fast when u see u need to hurry. well that how i do i anyway and i found it was quite good in my trials.
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    how many get.....

    hey thanks a lot walla and fitz, how could i be so stupid, haha the one i had problem with was ii) , i knew that DSTC was cyclic but didnt realise that due to it being cyclic that it means that DST + DCT = 180 ( i knew that fact but didnt see that here in proving it :D) lol. thanks a lot the...
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    how many get.....

    hey ND did u get the circle geometry question in the 2002 4unit hsc paper out? i cant rememebr what que it was but it had three parts, last part was proving a line being colinear? u did the paper so you should know which i am talking about (i think that was the only circle geo question there...
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    Penalties!! ARG, that lil red booklet with HSC rules

    why did u write your name or schools name on the booklets for ? all it ahd was Centre number/Student number?
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    I want the hardest 2003 4unit paper

    argg took me a good 30min or so to sit here reading this whole post from beginning. why it took me 30min? because of all the suprises and shocks. HOW THE HELL CAN SOMEONE GET 100% in the exam? thats some mathematician alright.............. by the way so i am not lost, saying 120/120, does that...
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    how many get.....

    Hi, anyone know how many people on average get OVER 85 out of 120 as a RAW mark in the 4u hsc ? just out of curiosity Thankyou
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    whats in the exam.......

    so what is the importance of communication between them..... any help thx
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    Bad THings that happened during exams?

    at least you guys got told like "40 min" and so on. all we hear is some idiot screaming "Cease Writing" pffft..... but yeh i was prepared to manage my own time rather than let them inform me. plus some idiot on the desk to my right drops his pens/card with stduent number/bookelts/...
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    Mod A : Image

    Hi everyone, for module A we doing image and i was wonderng if we need to know 2 or 3 related texts? i only know 2 and i am scares that we need 3. Thankyou and good luck with all your exams :D
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    Hi, is this enough for the Q3 of AoS: 1 text from changing booklet, 2 poems from the prescribed text (peter skrzynecki), 2 other supp material? total = 5
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    Two tiny Q.s : 1. kid.y's fn? 2. isn't Down Syn. an inherited dis.???????????????????

    ok i am a but confused now...... whats the difference between heridatary and inherited? examples might help too. Thankyou