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    projectile motion

    WOW! a 'friend' of mine has stolen my account..?!?!?!? no friend of mine would do that. and i dont recall hearing about the meeting betwen "you" and dear yvette. like the previous post said... what an odd thing to do...
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    war of the worlds

    the problem is -- we have to use it. we listened to the tape and i took down all the techniques. however i dont really understand the imaginary journey aspect of it...
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    war of the worlds

    is anyone familiar with this text?? if so please state the imaginative journey
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    projectile motion

    u know penny? -- this is a friend i hav stolen her account haha i'll tell her about out meeting.. haha
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    can anyone help??
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    evaluate the sum of the first 10 terms of the series: 5 + 8 + 13 + 21 + 34 + 55 + . . . . im lost
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    Queer Eye For The Straight Guy

    has anyone seen the UK version of queer eye - their version of ccarson is soo good and the food guy is quite entertaining as well... but i dont think anything can beat the u.s carson
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    HSC standard...

    an assessment task
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    HSC standard...

    well.. would anyone know wat the hsc standard would be for writing up a method ??
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    HSC standard...

    would anyone possibly have an assesment practical (im looking for the method) which would give me an example of a method which is up to the 'hsc standard' ...?
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    how much was ur formal dress?

    wow! thats very good! hope u have fun :)
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    i downloaded kazaa and along with it came a spyware on my computer ... how does it work and how did it come up on my computer
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    rime of the ancient mariner

    i have the basic idea of the poem - just wondering if anyone would have any detailed notes on the poem ?
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    How many ex do u have?

    three - with only one being serious
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    how much was ur formal dress?

    my morrissey dress was $650 (dannii minogue wore the same dress at arias) borrowed a friends bivianos and accessories added up to $170. then make up was 70 and hair was 90. i was quite happy with everything heres a pic of my dress...
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    projectile motion

    im supposed to demonstrate projectile motion using a hose im asked to calculate the velocity of the water and determine the angle of inclination from the nozzle from the horizontal for max range for the stream of water... ?!?! can anyone give me some tips as to how i should go about...
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    the OC

    but wat happens to summer and marissa ???
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    Laptop's 4 uni?

    i think a laptop would be easier as u can get ur notes down faster nad its organised and compact. a good choice for a laptop (if u do decide to get one) would be hp. i have the tablet model which u can turn teh screen to face up when u close it. and ur able to write on it. its kind of like a...
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    does anyone have notes on tacitus??