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    Maths and Business Private tutor in Eastwood/Para area available!

    BUMP would recommend! guy was a beast in maths and business studies. Always willing to help out fellow peers during our hsc year.
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    UNSW Comm/Arts Question

    Hey guys i noe commerce is just 12 hours a week but do u guys know how long i have to be at uni if i do commerce/arts in unsw?
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    BCom - Pen/Paper Vs. Laptop - Pros & Cons

    didnt expect you to be white lol
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    BCom - Pen/Paper Vs. Laptop - Pros & Cons

    hey dude wats your last name
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    Share your 2013 ATAR here

    92.65 no problem
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    Share your 2013 HSC results here

    eng adv-81 2u-91 3u-42 business-92 eco-86 bio-84
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    what's your backup?

    yea. probably a rice farmer too
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    HSC Biology Progression

    BOL is the worst
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    HSC Biology Progression

    are u guys doing past papers alrdy or just revising content?
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    General Thoughts: Business Studies

    btw 90 raw unless somehow i fucked up all my circles wen i rushed my check and edit for mc in last 4 minutes
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    General Thoughts: Business Studies

    why owner's equity. the business was on low gearing
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    HSC business studies extended response predictions ?

    gonna crash to bed after exam
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    Band 5 cutoff???

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    Predicted marks

    nice. a reply to band 6 cut off but not when i ask for band 5 cut off...