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    unlikely if you didn't get random bonus points here or there
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    UNSW Scholarship

    LOL anna's still here as well - listen to anna ppls! +1 and to OP yes... u can get into law with a 94.6 + scholarship
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    Best Law Course?

    LOL nathan you're still roaming bos? hrmmm yep that's definitely how it seems right. Nowadays, there's a very fine line between the top unis nowadays in terms of law so like many said it's really down to personal preference if you get offered between usyd and new south.
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    2010 Federal Election

    Just wondering how long it would take for Abbott to be overthrown if he didn't win the upcoming election...
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    Debating society

    Anyone in it? How is it?
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    combined law with low UAI?

    Nah even then - the low standards for internal transfers is 70+ and a 95 ATAR. Doubt an 80 ATAR will be able to transfer unless your GPA is off the roof.
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    Semester One Results/Predictions

    Lol from what I know everyone in foundies got their marks back.
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    lol exams are alright - which uni you at now?

    lol exams are alright - which uni you at now?
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    lol hey david how's uni? wait where are you at now and what course?

    lol hey david how's uni? wait where are you at now and what course?
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    The importance of "Legal Studies"

    I agree. Not very useful - covered everything in legal studies in like 2 weeks
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    ''the queen".. Need help ???

    lol come on people - read some critical reviews on the film and watch the movie 2+ times and you'll be fine. Techniques: Camera angles esp. perspective of Blair and the Queen - delve deeper and look at whether Frear's is pro-monarchist/anti-monarchist. Facial expression Contrast of archival...
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    Leni contribution

    Don't overkill on the highlighted - answer the question. Students tend to have prepared answers and attempt to address the issue of whether or not she was propagandist or artist and they kill their time on things they shouldn't be doing. Contributions: -cinematically all the movies and their...
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    Reading Task remark

    My Answer: The metaphor of “a life gathering its tackle together and pushing forward” and the rhetorical question “Something you can’t see holds it all together. What is it?” The OP stated that the only feedback he got was that he was required to discuss the technique or mention the effect of...
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    Fuck yeah Rudd is *OUTTA HERE*

    Rudd won't lose - newspolls are not the greatest indicators of who will government - or else howard would've been voted out ages ago.
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    Reading Task remark

    Identify: Recognise and name = the hsc verb - tell your teacher she's wrong and get your mark lol. Best to show her a list of hsc verbs and their definitions but don't come off as a pretentious prick cause then the teacher might rage.
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    Julius Caesar Related Text: the role of the people

    Not a smart idea to use a prescribed text - suggests lacks of initative - wow it's been a while since i've been here.
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    Yet another UNSW vs USyd Thread.

    Better to aim for 99.7 - 99.65 is the cutoff for HSC 2009 - may rise up again this year.
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    lol at least yours is today - mines on the 28th this month at 9:30am.... hahaha i called the ASB - they said they're experiencing an error and keep trying.
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    Is it true uni is more relaxing than HSC year?

    yeah uni is not as relaxing as hsc - at first it was deadly demotivating to get a 7 or 8 out of 10 when you worked your brains out on it and apparently the highest was 8.5. Another really demotivating factor is when people just kick ass and they put in what seems like zero effort - you get a lot...
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    lol hahaha namu im doing micro and acct 1A but im doing management next term lol

    lol hahaha namu im doing micro and acct 1A but im doing management next term lol