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  1. uniquee

    General Thoughts on English Standard Paper 2 + ENGLISH IS FINISHED!!!

    I found the witness question to be pretty hard as they specifically stated John book and his world and understanding of power. anyways, it's over finally.
  2. uniquee

    General Thoughts: English Standard Paper 2

    Module A and C was really good...but module B fucked me up.. Witness and John book suck my dick.
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  4. uniquee

    Atar Estimate.. Very worried

    You're doing excellent! rank 1 in almost every single subject. what is your school rank?
  5. uniquee

    Quantas case study- all topics

    thanks, marco!
  6. uniquee

    shut your mouth

    shut your mouth
  7. uniquee

    Trial Results and Papers

    it's doesn't matter where you place the comment, fuck.
  8. uniquee

    If you could turn back the clock...

    If I had the chance, I wouldn't have picked up Biology and 2U maths. And would've done Legal studies and SORII instead.
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    just saying, how is it possible for one that received 30 internally to get a 90 externally? O_O
  10. uniquee

    is 85+ likely?

    don't listen to this post.. You'll get it easy peasy
  11. uniquee

    atar estimate for friend

    I think it's possible... but she has to try REALLY hard for English + Maths and Biology!
  12. uniquee

    ATAR Calculator Question

    I think you can get a higher mark in ancient history.
  13. uniquee

    League of Legends!

    m888888. I'm still better than you, In all of those games. Come at me.
  14. uniquee

    League of Legends!

    I play LoL aswell, but not as often.
  15. uniquee

    League of Legends!

    Yes I do, fucka. HoN is the best out of all the MOBA games.