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  1. OmmU

    Physio salary

    Public. Low. Look around 60-80k depending on where you are. Private, the sky is the limit. How many people you have working under you, how many practices etc. As an employee to start off with i'd say it's slightly higher than public.
  2. OmmU

    Anyone going to csu in 2016? :)

    Maybe see you at uni @cusiouscat98 I'm in Dentistry 4th year.
  3. OmmU

    Any csu dentistry students?

    I am in my 4th year - sorry for the late reply.
  4. OmmU

    Medicine/Dentistry or nah? ADVICE PLEASE

    Just do B science if you're going down the grad med/dent pathway. I made the mistake of Advanced Med Science - it worked but was a hell of a lot harder than alternate options. B Science you have flexibility to choose subjects to prepare you for GAMSAT, med sci you loose this flexibility as it's...
  5. OmmU


    An orthodontist for years? If you're only attracted to the money and how easy it looks when you have your appointments you're due for disappointment. Another note; the PQA is easy. If you don't want to give up a holiday for this career then I strongly suggest you reconsider your choice. You...
  6. OmmU

    Hsc biology textbook $5

    eBay link: If member on here is winner of auction you may PM me and have my band 6 notes free.
  7. OmmU

    Straight Paramedics or Nursing/Paramedics?

    To do the double degree you will do the undergraduate nursing course and then a graduate diploma to become a paramedic. If you solely want to be a paramedic you should just do the straight B. Clinical Practise (Paramedic) - otherwise you will spend 3yrs studying and work placement in a degree...
  8. OmmU

    Who has done cell biology, mathematics 1A, ess. chem. 2 or intro to physiology?

    @nailafun - I have them from a year and a half ago. PM me.
  9. OmmU

    Port Macquarie or Bathurst?

    Bathurst - especially if you're after a uni that loves a good party!!
  10. OmmU

    UNSW Rural Student Entry Scheme Interview.

    Its about an hour long with 2 people. First part they talk about your application and ask questions based from that. Second part is the typical why med, why unsw etc etc. I didnt receive any scenarios, ethical or clinical questions.
  11. OmmU

    PREP Notifications for 2014..

    I didn't receive one back in the day. Just the letter.
  12. OmmU

    Entering Medicine??

    Bachelor of Dental Science is the equivalent to Bachelor of Dental Surgery. And yes you will be a Dentist. The same as anyone with DDS or DDM. Just an undergrad name.
  13. OmmU

    Anyone done PQA or gotten into Oral Health at USYD? Advice for postgrad dentistry

    moocow920, I did the PQA and interview at Usyd last year and received an offer. I also applied for dent obviously at CSU and was accepted. If you want to leave sydney I would advise clinical science as a good option as a pathway into dentistry. There is a girl in my year in dent who did no...
  14. OmmU

    HOW to get into medicine/dentistry without doing UMAT+interview

    You've almost removed all options and hope of getting in if you want to avoid UMAT and Interview. But there is still a minute chance ;)
  15. OmmU

    Studying dentistry in Australia

    I already am. It's great :P
  16. OmmU

    Entering Medicine??

    Dentistry is considered allied health and is 5 years undergraduate or 4 years post graduate LIKE medicine. The difference between medicine and Dentistry; When you graduate Dentistry from uni; you face the dental board, become registered and you're free to work wherever you want. With medicine...
  17. OmmU

    2014 CSU Dubbo

    Good job, what're you studying?
  18. OmmU

    Writing Books ?

    Sometimes tuts dont follow the lecture. You may do a tut of next weeks lecture content. I had a single book for each subject: I wrote my lecture notes/summaries in the front. And I did tut crap in the back. You'll generally just get tested for lecture content. I obviously had a practical manual...
  19. OmmU

    Getting into a full tutorial?

    If you have a conflict email the unit coordinator for the unit you wish to change the tutorial for. They will then advise you as to what to do... Don't panic.