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  1. KAIO7

    Polynomials question

    My gut feeling tells me that re-arranging/expressing the equation differently and restricting the range of the possible roots to yield a contradiction could work Also you could express it as the product of two quadratic functions and show that the discriminant is less than zero.
  2. KAIO7

    Probability question please help

    You've made a silly mistake in evaluating the probability of continuing the game; it should be 26/36 instead of 25/36. When using this, the limiting sum will be equal to 1/2, hence the probability of winning the game is 1/2
  3. KAIO7

    Will I be able to do a degree with 2 majors in 2019

    nah, overloading is a different issue. I also asked about exceeding the number of credit points for my degree and from what I understood, usyd doesn't allow that. So for example my first major requires me to finish 60cp of LV II & III units, and unfortunately I cant exceed that. That's partly...
  4. KAIO7

    Picking up extension 2 math?

    Yeah well, if you really enjoy maths and are willing to work hard then you will most likely enjoy 4u Drop the subject you least enjoy and the one that will unnecessarily consume your time. Also you’re doing a language, which can be very beneficial to your ATAR if you do really well in it. So...
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    Picking up extension 2 math?

    Do you enjoy maths more than your other subjects? Or do you just want to do 4u because it’ll serve you well at uni Also which subject is your weakest and/or least enjoyable
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    Circle Geo

    So you're required to show that a+b=c Here are some hints: The angle at the centre is twice the angle at the circumference subtended by the same arc. The sum of the measures of the interior angles in any convex quadrilateral is 360 degrees. Try to find a quadrilateral with angles...
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    is it possible for me to get an atar above 93

    There is always hope. Predicting ATARs at schools that have a relatively low rank is tricky, however based on the number of band6s achieved at schools that have similar ranks, I'd say you're currently on the way to getting an ATAR around 90, (88-89+). Having said that, you're not very far from...
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    Semester 2 electives: MATH1004+1023, PSYC1002 or PHIL1002?

    Discrete mathematics is quite different than your regular high school mathematics (not necessarily difficult), so I recommend reading the course outline and maybe even read more about the topics covered. Even with the other options, try actually reading about the material that you're going to...
  9. KAIO7

    State Ranking English

    That's incorrect; getting the highest mark in the HSC exam itself will not guarantee you a state ranking. Usually, you have to be ranked first internally. However, If the difference between you and the person who's first is infinitesimal, and you both perform very well, then you might have a...
  10. KAIO7

    math methods past exam practise for integration

    LOLLL Looks like this grammatical error is really annoying you.
  11. KAIO7

    math methods past exam practise for integration

    Check out the CT1 (Nov-dec) assessments (On THSC), you might find what you're looking for there, and since your assessment is very specific, I'd recommend doing some harder textbook exercises , i.e Cambridge (only If you feel confident with the normal stuff). Also, I'll pm you some good resources.
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    fan96 liked your answer, meaning it's correct. Here is a quick explanation. The line required only has an x-value since it's perpendicular to y=5. It also has to go through the point of intersection between the two lines mentioned in the question, so the first thing you need to think about...
  13. KAIO7

    math methods past exam practise for integration

    For 2u, I think you need to be checking some internal assessments, which you can find on THSC. Is it just computing/evaluating integrals or are you being examined on applications as well; areas, volumes, etc... ?
  14. KAIO7

    ATAR estimate?

    It's very likely that it will end up happening, your ranks and marks are really good, plus you still have the trials and the external exams, plenty of chances to improve your marks. Best of luck!
  15. KAIO7

    ATAR estimate?

    Around 93 or perhaps slightly higher. To achieve your desired ATAR, you need to get 93+ in 4 of your subjects and 91+ in the 5th.
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    Sequences and series questions please help

    T_n=log_a(2)+4log_a(3)-nlog_a(3) which is the same as log_a(2)+log_a(3^4)-nlog_a(3) and if you use the log rule on more time you get log_a(2\times 3^4)-nlog_a(3) And that's the same as the result we both got.
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    Sequences and series questions please help

    Yes, apologies for the carless error. Thought the question was asking about the height of the ball from the ground expressed as the distance travelled, will edit that now. Thanks for pointing that out.
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    Did i screw up my preliminary year

    When you study for the sake of learning you’ll forget about the marks, obviously you should always have goals and aims and clearly marks are important to achieving theses goals but marks shouldn’t be what define who you are or what causes you to stress and worry. Use the time in year 11 to learn...
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    Harder 3U - projectile motion question

    Well here are some hints: consider the range of the projectile to be the radius of the circle, and take into account the change in Alpha. Also focus on the part that says on the circle and within and see when that happens. If you need further hints or a solution, let me know