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  1. cherrykku

    SHAPE 2021

    Does anyone know roughly how many people get nominated for the SHAPE exhibition?
  2. cherrykku

    Formal Limousines HELP!

    Hey guys I've been looking around for formal limo hires and honestly they're all way out of budget (cheapskate here). The lowest I've got is $350 for an hour (since we only need it for an hour). Can anyone refer me to someone for something cheaper?
  3. cherrykku


    So I take 12 units and I'm getting a band 6 in every subject EXCEPT for math (advanced) which is a solid low band 5. Is it even worth it to go all out for the math exam? Even if I did manage to get a band 6 in the external I'm pretty sure it'd still average out into a band 5 and not count...
  4. cherrykku

    How HSC Markers, Mark Essays

    Asked this exact question to my teacher who has connections with regular english markers and a senior marker and it's generally false. But as with anything, there's still a chance that some will be skimming over it but as mentioned by people above everything's double marked and reviewed if...
  5. cherrykku

    Will my school rank and cohort performance badly affect me?

    This definitley helps, cheers for the wonderful explanation!
  6. cherrykku

    Will my school rank and cohort performance badly affect me?

    I go to a school where most students average around band 3-4's and there are only around a handful of students (including myself) who consistently achieve band 6's. Also our school is nowhere near the top 100 schools. In some subjects where there a a higher amount of students (CAFS, design and...
  7. cherrykku


    oh dear you appear to be correct, i am afraid now :speechless:
  8. cherrykku


    In paper 2 module C section, do we always have the option to choose between persuasive, discursive and imaginative or is it possible they will force us to write in one of these forms?
  9. cherrykku

    2021 Trial Paper (Solutions only for multiple choice)

    2021 COMMUNITY AND FAMILY STUDIES TRIAL PAPER - hope this helps :)