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    Is standard english THAT bad?

    I done the exact same subjects as you in high school last year (but with shitty ranks) but managed to pull a 98.2, so don't worry... theres no point. Currently i'm doing Actuarial Studies with that ATAR having done standard english. You'll be fine :D The only thing that matters honestly is what...
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    Need help...

    If you look at the andrew harvey summary for production of materials, it answers all these questions for you (: good luck.
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    Is 11 units too risky?

    I'd say catch up with 4u Maths ~ cause its heaps rewarding in the end. You just have to know the right questions to do so you won't end up wasting all of your time on it, and thus you can catch up faster. If you don't want to study med/ pharmacy in uni then drop chem. Maths may be useless...
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    lol no worries buddy

    lol no worries buddy
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    General Thoughts: Chemistry

    lols i got about 3
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    Who would you date?

    that awkward moment when i'm arab and only seem to date indian guys :/
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    lols what for?

    lols what for?
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    General Thoughts: Chemistry

    Re: Chem How HARD!! it was okay i guess BUT fuck liquid X.
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    Co-op scholarhip

    woooooo ! I got one for actuarial studies :D
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    Ext 2 Monday ..... :(

    wooooooo 4 UNIT !
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    Another Complex Number Question...

    Rofls ! thanks for your help... and the protection
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    Another Complex Number Question...

    but can you also do 34 part ii?
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    Another Complex Number Question...

    Thanks Heapppss bored of fail 2 & ohexploitable.... your help is much appreciated :D
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    Another Complex Number Question...

    thanks all!! xx
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    Complex Numbers Question...

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    Rates question!!

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    Rates question!!

    i think you need to see a psychologist
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    Rates question!!

    THANK YOU!!!! you're a legend!!!!
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    Rates question!!

    fml but i need a solution, lmao but yeaaa i know pythagoras' thm... but what does that have to do with anything :( i got 2 similar triangles in my diagram but like 2 unknowns... i hate math