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  1. davidw89

    Bachelor of Financial Advising (Financial Planning)

    I'm currently taking this course at UWS, i plan to be a financial planner in the near future and i was hoping if anyone who has done courses in financial planning could advise me whether to stick with UWS or jump ship to UTS. I prefer UTS but their Business degree is pretty much a a generic...
  2. davidw89

    wheres a cheap place to buy RAM sticks? again depends on location
  3. davidw89

    The Super Smash Brothers Thread

    Blame those who are actually waiting to buy it One word: Wiikey
  4. davidw89

    ADSL2+ with telstra

    go with TPG..
  5. davidw89

    HSC papers solutions

    anyone got answers to multiple choice section and short answer response..namely year 2004-2006 cheers
  6. davidw89

    HSC past solutions answers?

    Anyone got answers from 2000-2004 Mathematics 4u papers? i got 2005-2006 from terry lee's website..but dont know where to get these cheers
  7. davidw89

    text for speeches..

    does anyone know where i can find some of the texts i lost the booklet with all the speeches and i only have the ones iam doing
  8. davidw89

    stand by me!!??

    how are you analysing the techniques..
  9. davidw89

    Impacts of Globalisation

    Seeing how everyone is choosing China, what are other good alternatives? Thinking about zimbawee since not much people are doing it..or maybe Ireland or something any suggestions?
  10. davidw89

    Peter Skrzynecki-How many poem we refer 2?

    so i write 2 poems, 1 stimulus material and 1 related?
  11. davidw89

    Peter Skrzynecki-How many poem we refer 2?

    Does anyone know how many poem we need to do in Section III? I think its 2 or 3 (according to our teacher) but i need verification. Cheers
  12. davidw89

    I'm in love with a gay guy

    ok iam assuming trolloutaface is joking because i aint reading 8 pages on why or how he 'might' turn gay.
  13. davidw89


    I think i might get one at the end of the year but i hate getting one that isn't modded and then i have to get some guy to mod if for me for about $50+ ON top of that i need like 4 controllers and a rechargers etc and i prefer to get it like in a discount package (with extra bits and stuff like...
  14. davidw89

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - 21 July 2007 (NO SPOILERS)

    ffs just wait till Saturday and get the fucking real deal
  15. davidw89

    2007 Federal Election - Coalition or Labor/Howard or Rudd?

    Let me guess the War in Iraq, our Water supply, inflation, terrorist??
  16. davidw89

    Israel and Palestine

    Re: Israel & Palestine This is coming from someone who cant spell, who has no common sense and cant quote properly? On top of that, you seem quite active in this forum supporting Israelis? What is your purpose/motive? What do you aim to achieve by rebutting people with such a subjective views...
  17. davidw89

    2007 Federal Election - Coalition or Labor/Howard or Rudd?

    Is anyone voting for whichever party that can provided faster, cheaper and RELIABLE non monopolized broadband?
  18. davidw89

    Israel and Palestine

    Re: Israel & Palestine Well i found a worthy source of mention. This is a prominent journalist who knows what his talking about (unlike Atila), who actually knows what is going on. The title pretty much describes the atrocious...
  19. davidw89

    Does God exist?

    Wow what a controversial thread, seems more flammable than the Israel vs Palestinian one. What do you describe one person who is undecided on this issue? i.e. they are unsure whther god exist. Also is there beyond proof that God doesnt exist?
  20. davidw89

    The 2004 HSC - English Paper 1

    Link on page 1 is dead