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  1. nick1048

    Dota Discussion

    i like dota because im Mr_Zain
  2. nick1048

    Eugene 2: The Game

    wow it doesnt work thanks.
  3. nick1048

    All you wanna be lawyers...

    suprisingly high... well suprising to me. I see people one semester and then they vanish off to surround themselves in the "other part" of their double degree. Criminal law was a huge shock, before we completed more than 6 weeks at least 1 in 5 had unenrolled. I thought this was nuts -...
  4. nick1048

    oral / fingering and STDs

    unforgiving bunch :(
  5. nick1048

    Too Soon For Relationship?

    @ thread starter go for it. Teen relationships are all about the sex. Enjoy.
  6. nick1048

    i cant find the cut off uai from previous years on arts/ law

    uts = around the 97.5ish mark. See "Communications" Law.
  7. nick1048

    Weekend Progress

    i need to start work on contracts stuff.... argggg.... Or rather get some sleep and get re-organised. I do not really enjoy t3h unay i.e. uni.
  8. nick1048

    Who screwed up half yearlies?

    I did well in my mid semester exams.
  9. nick1048

    Don't you just have that gut feeling?

    My gut feeling tells me I already have a UAI
  10. nick1048

    Starting law - How to get ahead

    take a look at legal process and why the law is in place, that stuff is very interesting - i suppose getting ahead encompasses developing awareness and interest so that any lead you do gain is long term. Goodluck
  11. nick1048

    how hard to get credit average

    Its seriously really easy
  12. nick1048

    General UTS chit-chat

    Re: The UTS 'Secks and Welcome the New Students' Thread *very subtly inserts a reference to pure pwnage here*
  13. nick1048

    what game are you best at, undefeatable?

    wc3 ay?!?!!? I CHALLENGE U!
  14. nick1048

    student allowance - get rid of it...

    yeah it's me, no im not arab - its alright its one of joey's mates! Sup Crestwood Gangsta - Crestwood Reprazent! So the parents that are making you pay board should get more money from the government? Seems a bit flawed buddy. I think the system is ok as is. Sure there could be a tightening...
  15. nick1048

    How Far Would You Go...?

    Well how can I use my "I fuck on the first date" line if you killed the sexuality right from the get go! ?!?!?!?!?!
  16. nick1048

    General UTS chit-chat

    Re: Getting to know you-(for UTSers only) :p You'll need to update to version 1.21a (google the blizzard website and follow it down to frozen throne) Why am I explaining it, this is how u connect right here!!! ^^
  17. nick1048

    General UTS chit-chat

    Re: Getting to know you-(for UTSers only) :p xD!! w00t when its all installed drop me a pm with ur email so i can send u a server invite. Or do you already have an account?!
  18. nick1048

    Memorising the Periodic Table

    /thread closed why would you memorise it if it's given to you? I'd be more concerned with knowing how to fully utilise it (counting electrons, knowing the classes, valency etc)