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    B Comm/Eco or B Comm/Info Sys

    More peeps hiring these days
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    Why is MAQ given so much shit

    When i was at big 4 my cohort was 98% UNSW,Usyd and legit 2 Macq people for vaccie.
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    Employment prospects in the Finance industry.

    If you're into prop trading a STEM background with a heavy emphasis on maths is required.
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    Official Cryptocurrency Thread

    dont catch a falling knife
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    UNSW Food Guide

    Roundhouse food tho
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    S1/17 WAM Predictions

    INFS1602 78 MATH2089 80 MMAN2700 78 lmao
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    How To Slay Thread

    go to camp
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    Asset Management

    Hey does anyone know how to become an investment manager. Ie choose to buy or sell financial securities as a career? I've been talking to people, some people told me you start off as an analyst and work your way up. I'm not too keen into climbing a ladder to reach the top. So I was wondering if...
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    What is the difference between BCom and B Info Systems

    I know UNSW has a mini exchange program for each holiday (Summer and winter) where you go overseas and study/work. Check this out: It's something to consider
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    The Woolworths Thread

    Just got told to resign over the phone after putting my availability as one day. Was told not worth the time/investment if I am only working 1 shift. I've been working at the store for almost two years. I was told it was on the contract, the thing is I was on probation as a new employee having...
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    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    MMAN2700 Ease 2/10 - WTF is this subject, can you even call it one? Suppose to be an "easy" subject(Got baited into taking it this sem). Content 1/10 - Content is alright, and pretty interesting . You know how air works Lecturer Olsen- 8.5/10 wtf. first lecture. 50% of you will fail...
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    Is worth it to go to orientation week and are you going?

    brahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh go i get my years worth of free stuff in 1 day. tbh go on the first few days, things tend to run out towards the end. den u go home empty :'(
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    Tips on programming/computing classes

    Nah, you'll be alright. Just be sure to keep up towards the end of the sem, you have to learn content pretty fast. The language they use is C. I'm not sure if they are any web-based programs for C, but if you just google learn python(very similar) and learn that you should be fine. Good luck!
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    A state ranker's guide to HSC Physics (by porcupinetree)

    can confirm this works. Great guide!
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    Major issue

    ioooo its time for an intro ?
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    Is there anything such as a 'no gf' club in UNSW?

    u can jump on my boat any time
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    Is there anything such as a 'no gf' club in UNSW?

    can confirm engo is no gf club
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    Must-Go-Places in Tokyo, Japan?

    Shinjuku fcken sick invite/10 tho