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  1. darkcounty

    UNSW Bus

    That line is for tools who don't realize that by literally walking an extra 200 m onto Elizabeth st, they can board the same bus 1 stop earlier and thus avoid queues.
  2. darkcounty

    BoS meat for 2011 first years

    Nah, don't want to be lumped in with the Aussies Also, you are a closet racist
  3. darkcounty

    BoS meat for 2011 first years

    Fail, I'm european and on the fb page (Nat Malcolm).
  4. darkcounty

    Very important query concerning uni courses

    Nice numbers ITT. Pulled out of the arses of people who obv don't do said courses.
  5. darkcounty

    BoS meat for 2011 first years

    Dw I'll keep my hands to myself.
  6. darkcounty

    2011 Semester 1 timetables

    Doubt you're going to do anything in those breaks.
  7. darkcounty

    BoS meat for 2011 first years

    Might come, seeing as I've always wanted to meet people off the Internet.
  8. darkcounty

    2011 Semester 1 timetables

    Dreading Wednesdays, I don't think I'll be able to handle it.
  9. darkcounty


    No intention of participating in o week but will probably go on the last day to look around the unsw campus. The social aspect of o week will be pointless anyway. People are going to go to o week with their mates from high school and there will be cliques from day 1.
  10. darkcounty

    Should we accept our offers immediately?

    I screwed up my preferences really bad. I actually want my 6th preference as my 1st but it's too late to change it in order to be considered for the main round. I'm going to have to wait until 2nd round. Fuck early enrolment then.
  11. darkcounty

    Demand and supply ATAR cut-offs

    Maybe the large increase in science/high level math subjects taken by 2010 students could translate into higher cutoffs for the science and engineering courses.
  12. darkcounty

    what was your first day at uni like??

    Do other first years at uni ask you for your atar?
  13. darkcounty

    Share your 2010 ATAR here

    88.45 heck yes
  14. darkcounty

    HSC 2010 School Rankings

    What does the success rate mean?
  15. darkcounty

    WHEN are the trials?

    3 and 4 for me too.
  16. darkcounty

    why do people like playing f.p.s for?

    You probably have some sort of fantasy where you save people with your awesome shooting skills. FPS is a form of escapism that lets you play it out.
  17. darkcounty


    Arrange to meet people from the internet if you're really desperate. Or join a sports club and get a job.
  18. darkcounty

    Who IS studying for trials and what are you doing?

    Started module B notes for english. It's taken me an entire week to do 2 modules :mad:
  19. darkcounty

    Who IS studying for trials and what are you doing?

    Random q but where's Aerath? Haven't seen this mod around lately.