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    Too tired of travel

    Sleep while you travel.
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    bomber T-cells ~_~

    bomber T-cells ~_~
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    raw marks for band 6?

    It gets scaled.
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    estimate my ATAR please

    God. Stop getting your hopes up. :P
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    Is it safe to do ten units for the HSC

    I'm glad I kept 12 units cause I bombed out in 2 of my units which I thought would count for sure. Keep 2 units as backup but focus on the other 10 units instead.
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    hi thomas.

    hi thomas.
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    Pan powa.

    Pan powa.
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    I need a 3/4 Unit Maths/Bio tutor =(

    Yeah xavs!
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    2009ers: Year 12 Jerseys

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    Free HSC Half Yearly Exam Workshops

    Physics was absolutely terrible. I expected much more from the Brian Shadwick guy. He kept promoting himself and the tutoring centre ==. Maths on the other hand was much better :P can't remember the teacher's name though.
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    Easy Parametrics Q

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    Study Discussion

    Re: Write notes or type notes ? Both :). It helps me remember and understand I guess x).
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    Parametric equations.. Please help.

    if 0< t <180 , then y>0, hence you take the positive half of the curve.
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    3U Polynomials Questions

    -P(x)=P(-x) then -b=b and -d=d therefore, b=0, d=0
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    physics help .. URGENT

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    physics help .. URGENT

    What's a suvat =/? anyways, enjoy.
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    Massive thanks :D. Must have taken you ages to type that all out ._. , thanks again :D really appreciate it.
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    Truongs Maths Tutoring, any comments?

    Re: Fairfield Troung's recommendation - English Originally I wrote that she was a 'hectic' teacher then changed it to an 'awesome' one. :P Thanks for pointing that out though. That being said, I'm not that great at English and that's why I attend her classes :).
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    Just two trig questions I can't do for some reason :(. Thanks in advance. uhh. Sorry about the quality of the scan, my school decided to supply me with a Fitzpatrick book which has been around since 1986. Oh yeah, the fact that i slightly moved the book whilst scanning doesn't help either...