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    Australian unis 'dumb'?

    Im not going to comment for unis as im not a uni student, but when I came here in Year 10 I honestly laughed at the first week. That was way too easy. But I loved the next two years, especially Year 12 and the whole HSC experience.
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    Are all international students curry and asian?

    Than why not Bangladeshi, Nepali, Pakistani or whatever you are? I thought you'd get offended if you got labelled as a "curry".
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    Are all international students curry and asian?

    Not really, there are students from other countries as well. I'm from Macedonia. Though it is true that most of the students are from Asian or Indian background.
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    Frankenstein & Blade Runner HELP!

    Considering their contexts - talk about how they are two different texts, a movie and a novel, from different eras but they are still similar in the sense that they both analyse similar issues. Even though they are nearly 200 years apart, the same themes are still present. Comparing their...
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    KONY 2010: Kony Posters

    Watch 99% of Legal HSC students use Kony as a related text for Child Soldiers :)
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    What Sub didnt count?

    General Maths and Extension History.
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    happy but want to kill myself?

    I got 89 for Legal, wanted to kill myself! Wouldve done anything to get at least one band 6, but meh im happy with what i got. Then, the ATAR calculator estimated my ATAR as 85.30 and i was really happy with that but today got 84.50. This is much higher than what i expected but i still hoped for...
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    Share your 2011 ATAR here

    I got 84.50. Im really happy with my ATAR, but I was hoping i could get into the 85 once i saw my marks from yesterday, and the calculator estimate was 85.3. But im pretty happy with this rank as well, it is better than my aim of 80 ATAR at the beginning of the HSC.
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    Share your 2011 HSC results here

    Advanced English - 78 Business - 84 Legal - 89 Modern History - 84 Extension History - 37 General Maths - 76 PDHPE - 86 Im really happy with those results. Though im a bit disappointed that i didnt get a band 6. Missed out by one mark!
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    Hey how much do you think is expected of the crime essay?

    Why would you write 3 booklets for a 15 mark question? I wrote 1 booklet only, that is around 700-800 words, my writing is really small. The options were 4.5 pages each. I think thats enough, its pointless to write so much and use gigantic letters just to fill up space.
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    Section II - Core: Crime and Human Rights

    Ahahahha, i actually never saw that, i never read those pages in textbooks. Seems that bos is actually right, its just all of us that were unprepared. Im just lucky, i actually got some of the points suggested in my answer, might get a decent mark for that one.
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    Wow, 14/20. Im disgusted, thought i did better. The first 6 i got all correct and then it all went down. Holy fucking shit.
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    Am I totally crazy for choosing to do 14 units?

    Youre absolutely not crazy cos you do 14 units. I just finished my HSC with 13 units and its nothing big. Basically i spent the whole year working/going out/ bludging and kept all my Prelim subject plus picked up extension history and it wasnt hard at all if you really want to do it. The hardest...
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    Rewards from parents

    I wont get anything if i do well in the hsc. The inner satisfaction that i will get after reaching my goal is better than any present that they buy me. Im not even expecting anything, ill be happy with one "bravo" lol :) But i know it for a fact that on the day that i go to my formal the whole...
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    Ok, i will kindly ask someone who has the paper to upload or write all the questions and the correct answers (or as many correct answers that they think they have). If you havent realised, many of us dont get to bring the papers home so all im left with is reading the whole thread and im still...
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    I put age of the victim because if the victim is young or a minor or whatever its an aggravating factor. Raping a 20 yo and a 9 yo is not the same.
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    Interesting opinion mate, i never really thought of that. Anyone else to clarify which ones correct?
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    So.. 1 more exam to go.

    One more half an hour! Honestly, i dont really care what happens. Im mentally finished with my HSC.
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    Is that the 12 year old girl? shes was accessory after the fact. I made sailly mistake, put judge instead of jury for the criminal trial decision question. Really stupid lol. Ill probably get around 16 im guessing.
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    Section II - Core: Crime and Human Rights

    Youre pretty much right, it was a question that was open to interpretation. But what throws everyone off is the fact that it wasnt a syllabus question, neither the word "tension" is ever mentioned. A bit scandalous but when you actually get over the initial shock it wasnt that hard. Just mind...