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  1. HailSatan

    is smoking weed bad?

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  2. HailSatan

    Would you rather stand out, or blend in?

    my mum says i'm cool, cooler than you OP
  3. HailSatan

    What are your favourite guitar solo's?

    YouTube - children of bodom - lil' bloodred ridin' hood ^ The solo in this is one of the best sounding solos I have heard. YouTube - Burzum - Key To The Gate ^ The solo in this is one of the best in black metal... Not that there are many.
  4. HailSatan

    10-20 songs to rep your fav artist

    I bet no one will look at any of this but here you go. Burzum: 1. Lost Wisdom 2. Key to the Gate 3. En Ring Til Aa Herske 4. Dunkelheit 5. Spell of Destruction 6. My Journey to the Stars 7. Ea, Lord of the Depths 8. Det Som Engang Var 9. Tomhet 10. Glemselens Elv...
  5. HailSatan

    Enter the ninja

    This thing is going viral for some reason, have a gander YouTube - Die Antwoord - Enter The Ninja (Official) Also rather funny YouTube - Die Antwoord - Zef Side (Official)
  6. HailSatan


    I have it too, in fact the other day I went to bed at 9:30am How about we just find a cure for sleep, then we wouldn't waste 1/3 of our lives sleeping
  7. HailSatan

    World Domination

    You would need to displace government power by simultaneously striking leaders/areas of importance with bombs, etc. Obviously you can't do it by yourself unless you did alot of planning
  8. HailSatan

    Share your 2009 ATAR here

    ATAR: 79.30 Not amazing but I got into my Computer Science course so I don't give a fuck
  9. HailSatan

    is this our raw mark??

    What is the difference between 'examination mark', 'assessment mark', and 'hsc mark'?
  10. HailSatan

    Most Beautiful Women

  11. HailSatan

    Death Metal!!!

    I agree with most of that article, especially the part about lovers of pop being uncreative.
  12. HailSatan

    Most Beautiful Women

    Ziyi Zhang > any stupid cunt american bitch
  13. HailSatan

    Scariest Horror Movie

    The Grudge, hands down. Halloween is pretty good too. The Ring is fair scary if you watch it by yourself at midnight.
  14. HailSatan

    Length Contraction Question 0.99999c answers

    what are those answers in seconds and metres
  15. HailSatan

    My answers (not including long response)

    I got something x10^21 for the asteroid too.
  16. HailSatan

    My answers (not including long response)

    Fuck SI units... I can recall not converting to them at least twice now...
  17. HailSatan

    Has anyone sat near annoying people?

    Three times I have had to sit behind someone who constantly taps their feet throughout the entire exam. Not only is it visually distracting, he does it so hard that it rocks the table. Anyone experience shit like this?
  18. HailSatan

    Charge of a proton

    Did you mean 10^-8, cause that's about 19 years... And oh shit I think I wrote down the decimal value whilst forgetting to write down the extra x10 to the such and such... FUCK
  19. HailSatan

    Charge of a proton

    Wait now that I think about it I don't remember using the charge of a proton in the projectile motion one.... Where the hell did I use it o_O
  20. HailSatan

    Was that a Maths exam?

    I got 5.909 as the time, what did everyone else get