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    Umat and pharmacy

    'UMAT Scores' - the scaled score boxes up the top.
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    Umat and pharmacy This is a post from a current Monash Pharm student. Your friend might have a chance if he goes full fee, and with the Gov's increase in FEE-HELP (to 80k) isn't a bad idea. That's what I'm going for anyway as...
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    STOICHIOMETRY- whoever gets it plz help-urgent!!!!gag

    Molar Mass is the relative atomic mass of the compound/element. It can be derived from the periodic table.
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    Year11's doing HSC

    If you have the opportunity - go for it. As a Victorian, nearly everyone does a year 12 subject in year 11 which means that most opt to do five subjects in their final year instsead of six. At our school nearly everyone does two year 12 subjects in year 11, regardless of ability, which...
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    major confusion >.< plz help

    Crossing over occurs between chromatids during meiosis when they touch (chiasma). Certain genes are isolated and are cut using restriction enzymes. They are joined using ligase to form a plasmid. They are inserted into bacterium as plasmids (circular double-helix DNA). Insertion can occur...
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    Med and engineering combined

    Under exceptional circumstances a PhD may be 24 months but most are around 4 years full-time. I'm sure with the nature of medical research itself, 2 years is just too short for most.
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    Monash Med Page 44, number admitted to Med at Monash (HECs places, I think). Not sure about international students.
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    Online Specialties Quiz

    1 pathology 46 2 general internal med 44 3 dermatology 43 4 nuclear med 43 5 rheumatology 43 6 neurology 42 7 radiology 41 8 occupational med 41 9 infectious disease 41 10 nephrology 40 11 gastroenterology 40 12 endocrinology 40 13 cardiology 40 14...
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    Still not working here.
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    vce english marker/tutor

    There are good reasons why those who write the exams do not teach. It is simply because there would be a conflict of interest. There are many teachers that mark, and if they weren't able to the VCAA would have a hard time finding suitable people to mark them. For instance, I have a teacher...
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    What type of Pens are good?

    Only Pilot Supergrip <M> in blue, black and red, since about year 7 (ball pen), for me. Have some Staedtler Pacific HB pencils too.
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    Popular Science Show

    'Catalyst' on ABC is a great Science show. Most content is about research.
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    accounting problem

    No, Bank, as in the Cash at Bank, like, money in the bank. Obviously if you're received money from a debtor, there is going to be an increase of $900 at one point. This is not a revenue, if you have debtors, that means that there has been a credit sales previously, which would have been...
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    accounting problem

    Posting from the cash receipts journal, you would credit Accounts Receivable/Debtors for $900 assuming there are no discounts. You shouldn't have to debit Bank, because you should have the total of the Cash Receipts on the debit side of the Bank, because, I'm presuming you are just posting...
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    Firefox 1.02

    I know, but I couldn't get into Firefox to begin with, and there was no firefox in the process list, after updating.
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    Firefox 1.02

    Earlier today, decided to update both my laptop and the desktop to 1.0.2 and the latest adobe reader plugin (a well-known issue between adobe pdf plugin and firefox which had the tendency to freeze, but the latest version 7 is quick and no problems at all so far). On the laptop I used the...
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    Why Medicine?

    This may be slightly off topic, but I was wondering if anyone has any experience with how UMAT scores are handled at Monash for the Pharmacy course? I know that the first section carries extra weight at Melbourne Uni for Medicine. I just haven't found out anything about what Monash does.
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    HDD stopped spinning! :(

    You can replace certain chips (forgotten the name) to fix those disks that stop spinning, that is, if the motor itself hasn't gone. Do a search on google, it's amazing the lengths that data recovery companies go to, to retrieve data for people.
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    Highest UAI at your school?

    99.95, the highest possible in Victoria. He received the National Medicine Scholarship, Melb. Uni. Private School.
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    UAI not reflecting HSC marks ?

    I agree, scaling is misunderstood. Everything is relative, there is nothing stopping an arts student from outdoing someone with science/math subjects. This is why it's best to do those subjects you're good at.