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  1. lyounamu

    Australian Maths Competition

    Thank you for your tireless effort, tywebb. I remember the days when I used to do lots of AMCs and got few prizes back then. I think it's time to go back and try few of those Senior ones again for challenge. Good memories
  2. lyounamu

    Choking in Exams

    I think you are lacking exam techniques and as people mentioned earlier, the best way to improve that is doing the exam under timed condition. You may know how to do the question roughly in your head and some questions are not as simple as you think especially when it involves complicated...
  3. lyounamu

    how many hours spent on 4u/day

    I don't think it comes down to how many hours it is. It comes down to the depth of learning milestones. Ball park figure that I throw around though is 1.5-2 hours a day across entire spectrum of maths. That would average to about 14 hours a week. This is based on 30 min - 1 hour of review + 1...
  4. lyounamu

    self teaching ext 2 math

    Definitely possible and I encourage students to give it a go as a way to learn more about how you learn yourself so that you can reflect on that journey and give yourself a critical feedback on how successful it has been. But ideally, this should be established well before you start Year 12...
  5. lyounamu

    James Ruse 2006 Trial Question (also asked in Baulkham Hills 2023 Trial) - does part (ii) and (iii) actually work?

    Thanks for your response. Yep, the major issue that I had with part ii solution was that the inequality wouldn't hold if b_(n-1)>b_n but it could be resolved by introducing that condition that you mentioned. Thanks for that.
  6. lyounamu

    James Ruse 2006 Trial Question (also asked in Baulkham Hills 2023 Trial) - does part (ii) and (iii) actually work?

    Hi everyone. Someone asked me this question from BHS 2023 Trial so I thought I would give this Q a go and I remembered that I did this very question long long time ago from JRAH Trial as well. Part (i) was a stock standard question but the results from part (ii) and part (iii) are the ones that...
  7. lyounamu

    Free Astrophysics Notes

    Cheers mate. Sounds like great resources to use for my brother :) Really appreciated
  8. lyounamu

    CLEARANCE of HSC Material [Eng/Maths/Chem/Phys]

    Hi nightweaver Could you clear out your PM box so that I can PM you. Cheers
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    Got these notes (Chem + Bio) for my brother. This is one awesome stuff. I reckon this is much much better than what I see from Matrix and Talent 100. Don't pay for those materials when you can grab Kamal's stuff! Truly awesome!
  10. lyounamu

    What to major in! Accounting/Finance

    Finance/accounting combination is good. However, It's the one that everyone really goes for (which is the drawback) Dude, u have only done 1613 or whatever the easy finance is and you tell us you know about finance? some finances are harder than you think in terms of mathematics...
  11. lyounamu

    USYD vs UNSW for Bachelor of COMMERCE

    no. i think fail is like less than 65 or 60....under 75, its like something else.
  12. lyounamu

    USYD vs UNSW for Bachelor of COMMERCE

    I am not sure as to what you are exactly asking... First class and second class are like results you get when you complete Honours. If you get above 85+, you get First Class. If you get lower than that but above 75, you get second class. To get into honours, you need about 80 WAM at least for...
  13. lyounamu

    Quality of Commerce Teachers at UNSW vs Macquarie University?

    Not many people are in position to answer this question well because it's unlikely that someone went to both university during their undergraduate period. And if you do find one, it's hard to tell since your result will not be too robust due to lack of data. But if I have to say from my...
  14. lyounamu

    should i do commerce/law or actuarial/economics @ unsw?

    if you want to stick to accounting, stick to it and go get your CA/CPA. I also heard that CA is more highly regarded (since it is considered more challenging and etc.) if you want to stick to actuarial studies, stick to it and go for it and get Part I/II/III. There is absolutely no point in...
  15. lyounamu

    USYD vs UNSW for Bachelor of COMMERCE

    I have been offered Finance Honours in both USYD and UNSW. I don't know too much about Undergrad Commerce in general but at least in the area of Finance Honours, UNSW has a much tougher benchmark and selection criteria. 19 people got selected for USYD Finance Honours while it was for 16 (3...
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    get in before it's too late
  17. lyounamu

    UNSW Co-op Engineering Scholarship

    yeah coop is definitely worth it. however, do make sure that you are interested in the area that you apply for and do not just pick up coop because you got it (so DO CONSIDER what you get). my gf is actuarial coop and she is doing very well in it. as someone mentioned above, you are pretty much...
  18. lyounamu

    difficulty of fins1613 final?

    89 not too shabby