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  1. Rothbard

    Is the media biased?

    Do you feel that most of the Australian media is biased in one way? Do you think that the media may be controlled by one group of people or under the influence of a group of people? Discuss.
  2. Rothbard

    Discuss this quote

    "We have seen more than once that the public welfare may call upon the best citizens for their lives. It would be strange if it could not call upon those who already sap the strength of the State for these lesser sacrifices, often not felt to be such by those concerned, in order to prevent our...
  3. Rothbard

    Scanning stuff in bulk

    So it turns out most of the UNSW students I talk to don't know much about scanning. To those who have scanned at the Uni, I've got a reader that's about 300 pages long, that's 300 pages too many for me to be carrying around. I want to PDF this bad boy. What's the go for scanning it? I've gone...
  4. Rothbard

    Soldiers are not heroes

    Because we were in there to get Bin Laden but ended up attacking the Taleban who were going to hand him over to us. What the fuck dude. Who gives a fuck what the SA say they are total mongoloids.
  5. Rothbard

    miscegenation y/n

    Race-mixing and interracial breeding? Discuss.
  6. Rothbard

    Child-protecting hero Ben Fordam attacked by Liberal Judges who love criminals

    It's obvious this liberal judge is trying to stop ACA's hard hitting attacks on the scum of society, probably in league with liberal activist lawyers who want to make it legal to steal from everyone but illegal to say it's happening. Disgraceful!
  7. Rothbard

    Police are scum and beneath our contempt.

    We take the dregs of our society, give them guns and expect them to protect us. Police only exist to destroy interactions between willing people and 1% of the time actually stop proper crimes against property. They are ill-informed scum that believe they are the thin line between society and...
  8. Rothbard

    Obama is a joke

    Obviously a slave to the banks, and a slave to Bush era policies. Endless wars overseas combined with the most grotesque increase in spending over the history of the USA.
  9. Rothbard

    Don't ban the Burkha, embrace it

    Wrote this for menzies house, Muslims have I gotten anything wrong? It’s been a wonderful month of absurdities thus far, we’ve seen Brazil and Argentina knocked out of the world cup, we’ve seen Rudd toppled and replaced basically overnight, but the craziest thing we’ve seen all month is that...
  10. Rothbard

    Future of Online News: Reddit vs Digg?

    Which do you use? I'm a Reddit user for my world news and links, and it seems to be Digg just a few days earlier, with smarter users.
  11. Rothbard

    Privatise 9/11!!!!

    otherwise government !!! MUSLIM!
  12. Rothbard

    Economics: its not a zero sum game

    Just a note for lentern et al and the left.
  13. Rothbard

    Resources Super Profit Tax Thread

    Okay so basically, this is a thread for the back and forth on the RSPT, given that I've recently seen both of the ads and the Government is getting *SMASHED* in the whole advertising stakes. Invoking state of emergency powers is an absolute joke and makes a mockery of what is a state of...
  14. Rothbard

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Grew up as a Muslim in Somalia, she was married off at a young age. She was freed in Germany, got asylum in the Netherlands. Became a politician, and has been threatened with death ever since she said she was no longer a muslim. She made a...
  15. Rothbard

    Women have a worse time than men when it comes to relationships

    Think about it, you know we've always seen blokes around that 'punch above their weight', but it's very infrequent that you see a guy going out with a woman well below their overall fitness. Because for all that women say about modern life, women are still judged almost 90+% on physical...
  16. Rothbard

    Fuck yeah Rudd is *OUTTA HERE*

    Latest Newspoll shows him getting SLAUGHTERED for being the do-nothing Prime Minister we've all told you he was. Do nothing on Global Warming Do nothing on Insulation (EXCEPT MURDER FOUR YOUNG AUSSIES) Do nothing but turn us into a fascist state with internet filtering Do nothing but spend...
  17. Rothbard

    Hamas: Representing Palestinian Freedom

    Hamas to raze 180 Gaza houses to erect Islamic religious center - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News oh wait they're terrorists never mind!