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    Can I get into UNSW Advanced Science with this ATAR?

    It's really difficult to tell. In a very competitive year (huge demand) I think you would narrowly miss out. In a non competitive year you have a slim chance of getting in. Have you considered preferencing B Science? I think with your ATAR you will receive an offer for B Science. There is not...
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    2016 HSC First in Course

    I think the person who topped 3U maths is actually in Year 11 and also came 7th for 2U (after 6 1sts).
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    Law at UNSW and USYD

    At the end of the day it won't matter whether you went to USYD or UNSW. Both are highly respected in Australia although I will say that more people know USYD overseas. If you have the option of attending either, pick the one that is a better cultural fit for you. This is the same with when you...
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    FINS1613 Mid-Semester Exam

    The introductory finance course at UNSW is basically on Capital Budgeting. You learn what capital budgeting is and then you move onto calculating those components of it. E.g. WACC and CAPM. You also learn Capital Structure Theories and Dividend Policies.
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    Transfer question

    A double degree with Commerce is 4 years with the exception of degrees such as Law and Engineering. Using Commerce/Science as an example. You would have done more of your commerce subjects compared to a Commerce/Science student starting straight after high school. However, they would have done...
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    Tutoring for LAT?

    Lets be honest, are the people running these tutoring program really in a better position than you to understand what LAT is? It is the first time LAT is being conducted. I am in my final year of Law at UNSW and I have HDed law subjects. Even then I wouldn't even be comfortable with tutoring...
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    If you're looking to go into Law, it doesn't really matter what you combine your law degree with. However, doing a Science/Law combination makes you attractive for IP Law, specifically patents. You could become a patent attorney (not that you really need a law degree for this) where you help...
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    UNSW chit chat thread

    Re: UNSW chit chat thread 2016 Just chiming in about the volunteer topic. Often you gain more out of volunteering when you just do it and not when you constantly seek out what you have to gain. Sometimes what you gain is not apparent until you actually volunteer. I will leave it at that.
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    Is FINS3625 hard?

    A lot of people got 90+ in Sem 2. Barely anyone got above 85 in Sem 1...
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    Asked for a remark, still failed..... help please

    The report will ask you to focus on specific topics within the course. Was it perhaps that you didn't address the two particular topics they wanted you to talk about only?
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    Unsw /uomelb/usyd

    It's reality. Unless your visa allows you to work the required hours, firms will not hire you.
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    Unsw /uomelb/usyd

    All three are great universities. TBH You can't really go wrong with any. Pick which city you prefer to live in: Melbourne or Sydney. Also regarding law firms. They generally don't recruit international students so I don't think that should be a factor.
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    Which is closer to Law Builing 301?

    Matthews is furthest. QUAD is closer to Law than Colombo by a bit (1-2 min). Matthew is like 5 min + further away
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    UNSW's new law entry exam

    Yes and the better result will count. So some people have already considered doing it twice regardless. Don't know why people already thinking that far when the exam is not even out yet!!!
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    EAS Rorting Has To Stop

    I see nothing wrong with getting in with EAS. Maybe I am bias. I am proud to say I got into UNSW Combined Law with EAS. I don't think I am less worthy of my position than someone who got 99.60 (Cut off at the time). My marks are not the best. In fact a significant portion of students have...
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    Post Your 2016 University Offers Here

    Pretty much unless I ceebs finishing my thesis and decide to extend it further HAHA
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    Post Your 2016 University Offers Here

    Look forward to bumping into a few faces around the Law Building :)
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    Does WAM/uni results actually matter in employment?

    Marks only really matter for the written application stage. It's a screening tool. Firms don't have time to interview all applicants. Once you progress past the written stage, it's all about making good impressions and how you perform in the interview.
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    UTS LAW vs MQ LAW (already completed first year law)

    Top Tier Firms still mostly recruit from UNSW and USYD. However the number of students from Macquarie and UTS increased over the years. OP. How are you finding Macquarie? Do you like it there? UTS has a pretty good Law Student Society especially when it comes to competitions. That is not to say...