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    So I've got this PIP speech..

    and I'm pretty stuck on analysing and synthesising my findings in relation to the Society and Culture course. I get the analysis, but how do I relate it to the course? plz&thanks=)
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    PIP proposal help =)!

    Okay, so I'm trying to do my PIP proposal, and I'm stuck on what should be my topic statement or question. My general area of interest is teenage sexuality, and I'm thinking of researching either "What influences teenagers to become promiscuos", "Why are teenagers becoming sexuality active...
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    Looking For Alibrandi help?

    All I need is the quote of Carly Bishop which leads Josie into breaking her nose, I don't study Std Eng so I don't have any work on it, and it's for Society & Culture too.. I think it's in Chapter 8 =)
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    I need notes on sources of law.

    It would be much appreciated =)
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    Does anybody have any notes on the play Away by Michael Gow?

    It would be much appreciated :D