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  1. ProdigyInspired

    Economic Mathematical Equation which is constantly decreasing.

    I don't know where this goes so I'll just put this here. It's a question regarding a decreasing value over time. If you have an equation B = (1 - R) A + I, where A is the value of stock in one period, and B is the value of stock in a next period, R is a depreciation rate of 2%, and I is an...
  2. ProdigyInspired

    Applied Finance w/ Comm Prof Accg Macquare -> Commerce/Business UNSW/USyd/UTS

    Hypothetically, if my WAM is high enough, I should be able to transfer to these courses within my first year correct? I should be able to even transfer within the first semester if I do well enough. With the structure of my double degree, I'm not exactly sure what kind of courses I am able to...
  3. ProdigyInspired

    Is it possible to get another offer after accepting one from the same university?

    Thinking too narrowly towards Commerce has possibly made me regret it, as I have been looking at Applied Finance double degree with Eco or Comm (Prof Accg.) as options, with comfortable 88 ATAR cut-offs. The two degrees look fairly similar, with Eco looking like it studies more macroeconomics...
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    Degree vs Degree / Uni vs Uni Thread

    Sorry mods if this isn't allowed. As seen on the page and as Jan 18 becomes closer with less than a month left to finish up our preferences, many to-be uni students are questioning their degree choices, including me :P. So I thought it was a good idea to make an all-in-one thread. I...
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    Want some clarification on early offers.

    I've received and just accepted BComm at Macquarie University and I have a few questions. Doing some research, I've been reassured that I still have the same chances in the main round for other offers. I have also heard that I can simply unenrol if I get a better offer, but it might be a...
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    Internal Transfer & risk being stuck with an unwanted course, or External Transfer?

    Hey guys, Couldn't make the 90 cut sadly, but comfortably guaranteed for Macquarie Commerce as I have an offer lined up right now. I've always been considering UNSW Commerce but I'm not sure whether I should: 1. Take MacQ Comm Offer and externally transfer later if I really wanted to. 2...
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    Selling Maths Ext1/Ext 2 & English books - Terry Lee 4U, MIF 3U | BNW, Hamlet, W;t

    Where?: Inner West Area, Regents Park/Birrong Library/Station is optimal. Books: Terry Lee 4U Condition - 8/10 Very good, slightly used. Laminated. Price - $40 Mathematics Extension 1 HSC Course Revised Condition - 10/10 Extremely Good, never used, mint condition. 3 Access...
  8. ProdigyInspired

    Line of best fit

    I'm still confused on how markers want us to do a line of best fit. 2015's Q22a) has dots all over the place. The MG shows its just a smoothed out connect the dots line. Any ideas on how it should be generally done?
  9. ProdigyInspired

    Business Studies Exam Thoughts

    - never learnt unit trust - might've messed up on sues long term thingy - forgot most of the limitations Otherwise, average.
  10. ProdigyInspired

    Mathematics Extension 1 Exam Thoughts

    I thought it was overall pretty easy. But I ran out of time since I kept on messing up on one of the questions. E4 prediction?
  11. ProdigyInspired

    EAS application rejected.

    My grandfather passed away during the first week of trials. So my mom, who usually took care of me since rest of family had work/moved out, had went overseas to attend to the funeral, causing a 'change in home environment' blahblahblah. Grief, and these changes in responsibilities, had changed...
  12. ProdigyInspired

    Ranking of best universities for B.Comm.

    Looking at universities. In Sydney, it's somewhat clear that UNSW B.Comm is the most popular choice for students. What about the uni's that are less preferred? I've heard MacQ B.Comm is renowned, haven't heard much about U.Syd or UTS other than U.Syd being a GO8. I'm not sure how to elaborate...
  13. ProdigyInspired

    Need Elaboration on 1996 3a).

    I need some clarification/explanation on why the outer radius is 4-x rather than 4+x. I've been discussing this with my tutor and it still doesn't make sense to me. The 4 is easily understood, as the graph shows that it goes from 0 to 4. +x is what I would've thought would be added onto the...
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    Estimate for friend

    School Rank: 420s (2015 was a VERY weak cohort), 338 (2014), 300 (2013) Currently our school looks fairly competitive compared to last year so last year's indication is not as relevant. The following marks only include internal assessments/assignments, including the trials. All years that are...
  15. ProdigyInspired

    What is the best double degree in combination with Commerce?

    I currently only have 3 preferences in my UAC - all BComms in UNSW, MacQ, and USyd respectively. I'm not really sure what to do in the future, but at least I'm mostly interested in BComm and it seems well suited for me. I have heard BArts is good for a wide range of courses, and will allow you...
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    Post-Trials ATAR Estimate please.

    School Rank: 420s (2015 was a VERY weak cohort), 338 (2014), 300 (2013) Currently our school looks fairly competitive compared to last year so last year's indication is not as relevant. The following marks only include internal assessments, including the trials. All trials are worth 30% except...
  17. ProdigyInspired

    Odd Integration Proof

    So, as most Ext 2 students know, the last part of Integration involves proving the odd and even definite function proofs. So for the odd proof (<s>I'll just do it below </s>, its completely wrong don't follow) <s> Show\quad \int _{ -a }^{ a }{ f(x) } dx\quad =\quad 0 Let\quad u\quad =\quad -x\\...
  18. ProdigyInspired

    Actuarial or Engineering?

    Considering a possibility of doing a double degree, I was wondering which would be better suited for me, more considerate of my interests than marks. Although I would most likely only do a single degree of Commerce, I'd still like to think about the possibility of a double degree. Currently I...
  19. ProdigyInspired

    ATAR Estimate please.

    I'd like to see how much my later trial results will influence my predicted ATAR, can I get an estimate for the internals excl. trials? School Rank: 420s (2015 was a VERY weak cohort), 338 (2014), 300 (2013) Currently our school looks fairly competitive compared to last year so last year's...
  20. ProdigyInspired

    James Ruse 2012 MX2 Trial Q11(d) Geometrical Complex Numbers Question

    Now, from i), AOC is found to be \frac {2\pi}{3} What I'm getting confused at is ii). The solution makes sense until they make an expression for \gamma Ok so, \gamma is \xrightarrow { OC } , Arg \gamma is \theta + \frac {2\pi}{3} - which they never use again for some reason...