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  1. Chris_S

    2011 hsc mc q

    Hey everyone sorry but I keep getting this question wrong could someone explain it to me please! 17) The molar heat of combustion of pentan-1-ol is 2800 kJ mol−1. A quantity of pentan-1-ol was combusted, generating 108 kJ of heat. What mass of pentan-1-ol was combusted? (A) 2.29 g (B) 2.86...
  2. Chris_S

    HSC PDHPE Marathon

    As I have seen Astro make a marathon thread for engineering I was thinking that one of the best available subjects to study should have one too! As it is a content heavy topic, we should help each other to learn the topics, help our writing style and target the areas we are struggling with! I...
  3. Chris_S

    Superannuation Question

    A sum of $1500 is invested at the end of each year for 15 years, at 14% p.a. Find the amount of superannuation available at the end of the 15 years. It is pretty easy but I keep getting the wrong answer lol.
  4. Chris_S

    Cellulose to Glucose

    Hey everyone, I am just wandering is the only way to get cellulose to glucose is via acid digestion or are there other ways? Thanks :)
  5. Chris_S

    2 quick easy q's

    How do i - 1- Integrate 2sin ^2 x 2- Integrate cos ^2 x Thank you