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    French Films and Music.

    hé kittikhun, c'est une tres jolie chanson ^ je l'aime :) ben, j'ai trouve une autre groupe qui s'appelle Mozart: L'opera Rock Mozart l’Opéra Rock est un spectacle musical français de la vie de Mozart. Le spectacle alterne des morceaux de compositions pop-rock et des classiques du...
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    Parlons-nous le francais ici!

    mdr! saluut sydney! :) les etudes pour les "trials" d'orale m'ennuie et je serai la derniere personne qui va le faire... mais, je pense que je vais me sentir un peu nerveux quand je ferai le faire... ><
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    Could someone proof-read my French piece?

    Chère Nicole, Quelle surprise pour toi ! Une carte postale de Nice. Je suis en vacances au bord de la mer près de (la) ville, avec mes parents. Au cours de mon voyage au Nice début le 4 septembre. Le vol (de) Melbourne (à) Nice a duré environ vingt heures et était assez amusant. Quand...
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    Mr. Waldron @ North Shore Chatswood

    What do you guys do in english advanced classes with him? I mean.. different schools do different modules...
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    AMEB Exams?

    8th grade piano exam tomorrow...followed by the 3rd HSC assessment next week. yay! how am I coping? I'm not, really I heard that you have to get at least a B to continue one with amus, any confirmation on that?
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    French Films and Music.

    Le week-end derniere j'ai vu le film : "la premiere fois j'ai eu vingt ans". c'etait chouette, j'aime bien le film ! sauf pour un scene que je trouve un peu bizarre o_o ... (si tu l'as vu, tu sauras de ce que je parle...) et aussi j'ai vu "a folie...pas du tout", un film avec Audrey Tautou...
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    b Psychology + Honours

    This much I know (please correct me if i'm wrong)~ : to be a registered psychologist you must at least do an Honours year, however, if I don't meet the ATAR cut off for BPsych (which includes the Honours year), it's possible to do an honours degree in psychology in other programs like...
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    HSC Timetable 2010

    double for the 5th of nov, french and bio hm. oh well I finish right before my birthday :P and i've a friend who's got 4 days straight maths - japanese - math ext1 - english ext1 at least mine's more spread out
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    French Films and Music.

    J'aime La rue Kétanou! They are amazing! I wanna learn the accordian now :P I first heard On S’emmène in 4 years ago and now I've finally got all their albums ^_^ highly recommended: Les Mots La fiancée de l'eau :D
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    Mr. Waldron @ North Shore Chatswood

    lol no, not Private though my class is so small anyway and I go on Saturday afternoon for Ext1 english... :P
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    Mr. Waldron @ North Shore Chatswood

    HAHAHA him teaching maths.. oh dear, the handwriting... (I've just learnt to write as he dictates) and I withdraw my previous uncertainty about going to Chatswood everyweek for classes. he is good for extension :) I wish i'd known earlier that he does private...-sigh-
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    Does English Ext. 1 get harder

    don't drop it because someone else thought it was hard. people have varying abilities!
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    Textual Dynamics

    creative for textual dynamics makes me :S ...
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    is UMAT required for psych?

    I want to study psychology at usyd...but I heard from a friend of mine that UMAT is a requirement for health sciences (is psych even a health science?? o_O) ...I was quite sure that I didn't need to do UMAT though...until today so right now, I'm somewhat scared I'm confused. Am I misinformed?
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    French film with French subtitles

    Je ne sais pas si tu connais déjà.... Il y a une petit bibliothèque française à l'Alliance Française. Il est situé près de Town Hall. Tu dois payer pour l'adhésion mais il serait bénéfique :) Not all films have the subtitles though, and you could also try asking your french teacher?
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    French Films and Music.

    and more to bump this :P marc antoine jenifer (though she's been around for ages) i just subscribe to Universal on youtube for new french music.. but nothing good has surfaced yet hmm.. in french music drought en ce moment.. Cependant, j'ai été voir des films français: Les enfant de...
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    Dr. Du?

    I've changed classes now, still going to Dr Du but not being taught by THE man. I've Lydia now, she's good as a teacher for people like me... because it takes me a while to understand maths. She explains everything whereas Du sometimes just skips parts because he expects us to understand...
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    French Films and Music.

    since this year I've found some more french singers to listen to :D BB Brunes definitely there's some others i like very much such as... Little - look up Je veux de violons, chanson de fille Coeur de Pirate - comme des enfants! Christophe Willem - jacques a dit Grégoire - Toi plus moi...
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    Best & Worst Libraries

    state library wins hands down.i wish i thought of studying there earlier no screaming kids, no phones (because all the uni kids will glare at you if it rings), no distractions (unless you decide to bring your laptop in for the free internet) it's kinda in the middle of no where, but Martin Place...