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  1. Crazynesss

    KISS Notes

    Hi, if anyone has the Keep It Simple Science notes on all topics. If you could PM me a link to them via PM, it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Bruce Dawe

    For Weapons Training: 2 Unit General English: Bruce Dawe: Weapons Training
  3. Crazynesss

    Last.fmers, paste your taste.

    bumpeh I'm into indie, electronic, rock, dance and alternative, including: Coldplay, Bloc Party, Pendulum, Muse, The Kooks, Daft Punk, MSTRKRFT, Deadmau5, OneRepublic, The Fray, Snow Patrol, Calvin Harris, The Qemists, Sub Focus, Klaxons, Arctic Monkeys, David Guetta, Justice, Metric, The...
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    Does Rank Matter ?

    ohexploitable, your posts are so inciteful.
  5. Crazynesss

    no idea. soz fern hoang

    no idea. soz fern hoang
  6. Crazynesss

    2009 HSC School Rankings

    Thanks for the complete list
  7. Crazynesss


    Buy one get one free?
  8. Crazynesss

    Post your results here...

    Never knew you got your results back for 3u and 4u Wait no, I didn't even know that you had the 4u test already.
  9. Crazynesss

    Do you actually enjoy the subjects you do?

    Hahahahahahaha. Good post mate
  10. Crazynesss

    hi friend, nice to meet you

    hi friend, nice to meet you
  11. Crazynesss

    Immigrant Chronicle Poems

    Thanks friend
  12. Crazynesss

    Can you pick up english extension 1 + 2 in year 12?

    Same. I'm doing 2u maths atm and not happy chappy
  13. Crazynesss

    Future Plans (UAI/Uni/Tafe/Job)

    Re: What UAI&Course are you aiming for? Aiming 90+ ATAR. Civil Engineering UNSW ... for now.
  14. Crazynesss

    What subjects are you doing for Year 12?

    I'm actually going to drop Chemistry.
  15. Crazynesss

    University Open days, anyone?

    Same, I was there at 1:20pm and they were packing up
  16. Crazynesss

    Change - Related Texts

    Anyone have a short story which isn't "Sky High" and isn't a fairytale?
  17. Crazynesss

    Anyone going for their Learner's Licence?

    Yeah I'll get it when I turn 16, which is February.
  18. Crazynesss

    SC Results Thread

    Re: 2008SC SC Results ~ English - 81 Mathematics - 93 Science - 86 Geography - 85 History - 77 Computing Skills - 98 I wanted all at least band 5's. Damn History.