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    who calls themselves 'anom1ly'. like, what a fkn noob..

    who calls themselves 'anom1ly'. like, what a fkn noob..
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    So I've got this PIP speech..

    uhm well its just an overview of our pip, which includes things such as outlining your pip, your concepts, your cross cultural, your methodologies/evaluation (which i got thus far) and ive started the outline of my findings. its just the relating to sac that gets me stuck =\
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    So I've got this PIP speech..

    and I'm pretty stuck on analysing and synthesising my findings in relation to the Society and Culture course. I get the analysis, but how do I relate it to the course? plz&thanks=)
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    is it too late to change my topic?

    i wouldn't change it if i were you. if you've already done alot of work on it then just soldier on, and besides, teenage values does sound overdone
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    Sef Gonzales HELP

    lmfao viet!
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    PIP proposal help =)!

    Okay, so I'm trying to do my PIP proposal, and I'm stuck on what should be my topic statement or question. My general area of interest is teenage sexuality, and I'm thinking of researching either "What influences teenagers to become promiscuos", "Why are teenagers becoming sexuality active...
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    how many guys vs girls do society and culture?

    two classes in my school, mine has 3 guys only. the other class is all girls.
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    Looking For Alibrandi help?

    All I need is the quote of Carly Bishop which leads Josie into breaking her nose, I don't study Std Eng so I don't have any work on it, and it's for Society & Culture too.. I think it's in Chapter 8 =)
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    School / Subject

    Re: What school you at? Freeman Catholic College. It sucks.
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    modern history

    I don't think we are doing French Revolution, we started on Romanovs straight away. I know we're doing Arab-Israeli conflict later, I heard thats really shit ):
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    I need notes on sources of law.

    It would be much appreciated =)
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    Change - Related Texts

    How about the play Away by Michael Gow? I am studying this currently for my prelims.. It encompasses ideals from A Midsummer Nights Dream, The Tempest, King Lear and The Twelfth Night. It's all about change in self. What I want to know is if anyone else is currently studying Away? It seems like...
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    anyone else enjoying yr 11 more?

    I hate it. I wake up in the morning and dread school even more. The pressure is going to kill me, it killed me in Year 10 with all the bullshit talk about the sc, but this is just going to completely slaughter me. I'd drop out except I have no idea what I would do, and I'm more of a theory...
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    SC Results Thread

    English: 91 Mathematics: 63 (MEGALOLZ, I always hated maths.) Science: 78 History: 91 Geography: 86 As you can see my marks varied heaps !
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    Does anybody have any notes on the play Away by Michael Gow?

    It would be much appreciated :D
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    Assignment Register

    Legal In class exam - Sources of Law. Society And Culture Research methodologies - applying into a chosen topic, researching and constructing a report. Modern History Source analysis - "How useful is Source A to an historian studying political influence in the decline and fall of the Romanov...
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    How difficult/easy is your subject?

    English: 10 - LOVE the teacher, I understand everything she says and I always enjoyed English =D Religion: 5.5 - I don't enjoy it as I've been stuck with it all my life (Always beeing in a catholic school), however the content is alright, not studying much Christianity now =D Legal: 9 - I...
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    2008 Preliminary Roll Call

    English Advanced 2 Unit Religion Legal Studies Modern History Society And Culture VET Retail Services UAI goal: 90+ Planning on studying law or journalism in uni.. I should have swapped Retail for Economics.. :mad: I only chose it for the work placement. Other than that I like my subjects =)...
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    modern history

    Urgg, my teacher has no consideration for the environment either! My plastic sleeve is about to burst from all the booklets we are getting. Oh and I'm studying the decline and fall of the Romanov dynasty.. anyone else doing it here? I'm glad we get to do it tbh, I find it very interesting (: