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    About me Hi guys My name is Clinton. I have recently graduated from the selective school Girraween High School (ranked 22nd in the State) in 2009. I am currently studying Medicine. For HSC 2012/2013 students I will be offering Chemistry, Ancient History, English, and Mathematics (up to...
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    [09 HSC] MATHS TUITION ALL LEVELS [YR 7-12] 2 years experience

    Hi guys My name is Clinton Colaco and I have graduated from the selective school Girraween High School (ranked 23rd in State) in 2009. I will be offering Mathematics (up to Extension 2) tuition. My 2009 ATAR was 98.90. I am currently studying Pharmacy at Sydney University this year...
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    Anyone know of a technique where the environment reflects the mood of the characters?

    I thought that it was called prophetic fallacy but that redirects me to pathetic fallacy which seems another word for personification or anthropomorphism. Can anyone clarify?
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    *FIRST LESSON FREE!* 2/3/4 unit MATHS, PHYSICS, ENG HSC TUITION PARRA/HILLS/FAIRFIELD Hi guys My name is Clinton Colaco and I have recently graduated from the selective school Girraween High School (ranked 24th in State) in 2009. For HSC 2010 students I will be offering Chemistry, Ancient...
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    CSSA 2008 Medphys option questions anyone?

    Just wondering if anyone has the 2008 CSSA medphys section? I got solutions for the whole paper and the paper for the core topics but can't seem to find the medphys option questions. Any assistance would be much appreciated!
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    Anyone got CSSA?

    Ive got independant 09 and my own school trial for advanced sp anyone willing to swap? wouldn't mind any other paper like neap too.
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    Inequalities Area questions

    Imageshack - img0002ox Imageshack - img0001mu For the first link, can someone please do the question for me because im like clueless. Also, anything that looks like a k is actually a h. so its like 6h or 7&h. With the second link, for cii) is my teachers working out actually right because hes...
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    Do you know what makes you tick? Can you use it to your advantage?

    I've never really known what works for me. I've always been a person to ask everyone how they study and am intrigued learning new techniques but in the end cram and whatever like the rest so I don't know if thats the best for me or not. From this trials however i put cramming to the absolute...
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    Patel Integration question possibly involving factorical knowledge

    Its question 42 I need help on. THanks
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    Motion Question from HSC 98 Q6bii) Can anyone provide me a solution to this question? I got the solution from success one but I don't think it is adequate enough to gain two marks. Any help would be much appreciated.
  11. clintmyster

    Discuss the statement...

    Discuss the statement that "oxidation and reduction reactions are increasingly important as a source of energy" in reference to social and environmental impacts. the statement is from the chem syllabus section 4 of module 1. How would you guys answer this?
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    Banked Curves Question

    Has anyone ever been told that when doing banked curves, make it so that the centripetal force does not push towards the centre but instead AWAY from it? If not, how do you logically resolve the forces? Do you tend to prefer to resolve horizontally and vertically ALL THE TIME or use...
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    Fitzpatrick Projectile question

    I don't have the book on me so if anyone could post up the question it would be great. Its question 22 of ex 25D, the one about the cricket ball. I tried to get the answer but just failed, its 7m/s. Here is my solution below. If someone could correct me on what I did wrong, that'd be great.
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    Equilibrium Constant Question

    For the reaction x <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"><meta name="ProgId" content="Word.Document"><meta name="Generator" content="Microsoft Word 12"><meta name="Originator" content="Microsoft Word 12"><link rel="File-List"...
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    What kinds of work experience/volunteer work have you done?

    Just wondering for you future med hopefuls like myself, what kinds of work experience and volunteer work have you done? The more you do the better right, but it is more about the actual experience you take away from the work as opposed to just saying you done this, this blah blah and give like a...
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    Significance of School sending marks to BOS

    Just wondering, what is the significance of schools sending marks to BOS? I heard last year or the year before, 10 band 6's were sent to the BOS but we only received 6 after the HSC results were released. Does the schools marks aid in the scaling and moderating process or something?
  17. clintmyster

    Lawn Fertiliser Prac - What percentage yields of sulfate did you guys get?

    Just wondering, what kind of yields did you guys get and what is the actual accepted value? For ours we used Potassium sulfate as our fertiliser. I used 4g of it to start off with. In the end my percentage yield was about 72%. Is that about right? Also is it possible to get yields of about 90%?
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    English Teachers Association (ETA) Workshop on the 12th June? Anyone going to this? There was an extension one on the 17th of May.
  19. clintmyster

    Mark for State Ranking in Physics

    Does anyone know what last years State Ranking mark for phys was?
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    Trig Integration question - is both methods acceptable?

    Have a look at my working out below for the same question. When I evaluate the integrating using mathematica, I get the -cot^2x/2 answer. I'm wondering though is the other method wrong and if so how is it? Thanks heaps