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  1. x jiim

    PAID Participants needed for interview study on online interactions (PhD)

    Are you active on social media or someone who participates in online forums? If so we're interested in hearing about your experiences with online communities, standards of un/acceptable behavoiur, and any negative experiences you've had online. You'll be paid $20 to attend Macquarie University...
  2. x jiim

    rawr marks

    so. many. acronyms. aah. ancient history TM- 88 TWM- 92 HSC mark- 95 rank- 168/12085 pompeii&herc- 24/25 sparta- 25/25 scaled to 25 fall of roman republic- 24/25 scaled to 24.3 caesar- 15/25 FUCK YOU CAESAR. scaled to 18.5 haha. chemistry TM- 78 TWM- 79 HSC mark- 93 rank- 288/10325...
  3. x jiim

    4U Integration.

    Most of the sheet we got was fairly alright, but got stuck on the last few gross questions. ∫ √((3-x)/(2+x)) dx ∫ ((logx)^7)/x dx Thanks :]