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  1. Shuuya

    Selling Preliminary/HSC textbooks!

    Hi guys! Now that HSC is over I really want to get rid of my textbooks. I only have a few, so please contact me if interested! All prices are negotiable, just send me a PM or comment below. Trade location is also negotiable, but preferably in the Hills/Epping area or city. Preliminary...
  2. Shuuya

    Volume Question

    Mathematics HSC 2010 Question 10b) (ii) Could someone please explain how to approach these questions? I'm not sure if this is actually hard to visualise or I'm just being dumb, because the sample answers solved it pretty easily xD Thanks!
  3. Shuuya

    Simpson's Rule Question

    Mathematics HSC Question 12d) (ii) The answer is just 0.4 x 10 x 32.8 but the reasoning isn't sticking into my dumb head? Help please ;-; Feeling so screwed :')
  4. Shuuya

    Parametrics Question

    MX1 HSC 2012 Question 12d) (i) Thanks~
  5. Shuuya

    Rates of Change Question

    MX1 HSC 2013 Question 13 b) (ii) Can't remember how to do these :/ Thanks!
  6. Shuuya

    ATAR estimate please!

    We finally got our reports! School rank: top 10 English Advanced: 10/122 Mathematics: 12/65 Mathematics Extension 1: 20/65 Chemistry: 11/54 Japanese Continuers: 2/12 Japanese Extension: 2/8 Thank you~
  7. Shuuya

    Rates of Change Question

    I can't understand the solution, help please :') Thanks!
  8. Shuuya

    ATAR estimate please

    School rank: top 10 English Advanced: 17/122 Mathematics: 5/65 Mathematics Extension 1: 27/73 (cries) Chemistry: 12/55 Japanese Continuers: 2/12 Japanese Extension: 2/9 Thanks!
  9. Shuuya

    Rates of Change Question

    Question: A man 1.5m tall is walking directly towards a street lamp 8 metres off the ground at a speed of 36km/h. (i) Find the rate at which the length of his shadow is decreasing. (ii) Find the speed with which the tip of his shadow is moving along the path. Thanks!
  10. Shuuya

    Financial Maths Question

    Question: A person borrows $200,000 from the bank to put down the deposit for a new house at a rate of 9% per annum, compounded monthly. At the end of the month, she pays back $5000. Find how long it takes to repay the loan, correct to the nearest month. Thanks!
  11. Shuuya

    Motion question

    Question: A ball is thrown into the air, and the height of the ball above the ground in metres after t seconds is given by the equation x = 2e - t + 2log(t+1) (i) Find when the ball comes to a rest. _____________________________________________ I don't know if I'm being stupid...
  12. Shuuya

    Inverse Functions Question

    Could I get some help with (iii) please? :) (This is Q7(a) from the 2002 3U HSC paper) Thanks!
  13. Shuuya

    pH calculation question

    Question: The pH of an acid is given as 5.0 and it is also triprotic. Calculate the hydrogen ion concentration of the acid. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just checking, the proticity of the acid shouldn't affect the concentration of...
  14. Shuuya

    Induction Question

    Prove by using mathematical induction that: \\ \quad \\ a\quad +\quad ar\quad +\quad a{ r }^{ 2 }\quad +\quad ...\quad +a{ r }^{ n }\quad =\quad \frac { a({ r }^{ n+1 }-1) }{ r-1 } Help please :'(
  15. Shuuya

    Inverse Functions Question

    Could I please have some help with these questions --- I keep doing something wrong :/ Thanks!
  16. Shuuya

    Integration question

    I need some help with evaluating this... I think I've got the integration bit right, but I don't know what to do with the 'n' when evaluating Thanks! :)
  17. Shuuya

    Limits question

    Could someone please help me evaluate this? I'm having a mind blank Thanks! :)
  18. Shuuya

    Please help! 'Invictus' as a related text for 'The Tempest'

    Hey everyone! I was thinking of using 'Invictus' as a related text for 'The Tempest' but quite honestly I'm really stuck. I wrote another essay on Discovery using a different related text, but my teacher said that it would be better to use something different. Did anyone else use...
  19. Shuuya

    I feel like I failed my first assessments (time to rant)

    Hey everyone! So we got our first assessment marks about two weeks ago and I still haven't recovered completely. I feel like I didn't meet my expectations, and I definitely didn't fulfill my parents expectations. I've seen a few other threads like this but I just want to get some reassurance...