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  1. Cookie182

    God in the Southern Ocean! Abby Sunderland Lost at Sea

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Yet another example of Christian lunacy. Do you think "God's hands" will reach down and save her, or will it be Zeus? I really hope the authorities (utilising modern...
  2. Cookie182

    Is the sense of adventure under threat in the modern world?

    With our increasingly tech savy society, the rising pressure to endeavour in the capitalist system, take office jobs and work longer hours and the ever growing increase in the stock of knowledge regarding our little planet (and our insignificance), is there much left in the realm of discovery...
  3. Cookie182

    Who is studying Environmental Science?

    Just out of interest, wanted to make a dedicated Enviro thread... Is there many people? What are you planning on doing with your degree? Are you currently working in it?
  4. Cookie182

    Philosophy of Religion: Revisiting the Euthyphro Dilemma

    Assume God exists. - Is what is morally good commanded by God because it is morally good, or is it morally good because it is commanded by God? To this day this very pertinent question deserves due contemplation by the theist and is an important consideration for the atheist when launching...
  5. Cookie182

    Need cash? Decent looking chick? Auction your virginity!

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All "morality" aside, I personally think it's a beautiful undertaking of entrepreneurship! Smart girl. I mean you can pay off your HECS fees by taking up a cadetship...
  6. Cookie182

    Today's discussion of morality...molecules, quantum mechanics and human life :)

    Today I had an interesting ethical discussion with a friend over lunch. She had just finished an introductory book on quantum mechanics and in combination with her tertiary knowledge of biochemistry posited quite an important question. If we are simply the breathing result of atomic...
  7. Cookie182

    Meme Theory & Religion

    The idea of "culturally replicating" ideas was first coined "memes" by Richard Dawkins in The Selfish Gene. Since then, there has been great discussion of the topic with particular attention paid to its applications in respect to human psychology, politics and religious thinking. Susan...
  8. Cookie182

    Almost done BCom (finance), what other degree would you do?

    If you had almost completed a B Com (finance) what further study would you undertake? I'd like to do another degree and broaden my interests away from the purely commercial field (lost a bit of interest), so doing a double major + hons is down on my list. If you could choose from, BSci...
  9. Cookie182

    "Celebrity atheists expose their hypocrisy"- A really shitty article

    The stock standard bite back at "new age atheism"- full of misinformation, misconceptions and most importantly misrepresentations. Is there not any irony that the outrightly Jewish author who fears the unleashing of the "evils" of science and technology, linking atheism incorrectly to Hitler...
  10. Cookie182

    Best degrees for atheists who want to debate creationists?

    ... Would first year geology and biology be suitable?
  11. Cookie182

    Vanilla Bsc (geology)- how much maths?

    Hi all, Not much luck in the other thread, I'll be more specific. No geology program I have seen explicitly requires any maths, physics, chem or bio. However, my intuition is that in the case that you wanted to actually work as a geologist wouldn't these be essential? I'm already doing...
  12. Cookie182

    Looking at taking up Bsc (geology)

    I have one year left of my commerce degree (only four finance subjects), was looking at taking up a Bsc (geology)- should take about 3-4 years... Should I firstly take 100 LVL Math and Physics next year (eqv to first year engineering/physics students)? Been a while since i did math/physics...
  13. Cookie182

    A Question of Christian Theology

    A common thread of questioning is (particularly to Protestants, not people who invent non-biblical dimensions like purgatory). Atheist: Why does god send non-believers to hell and have them tortured for eternity? Christian: Oh, he still loves you. He is all-loving and not cruel. It's his...
  14. Cookie182

    Towards Religious Tolerance

    This is a deep issue and one long debated. If we are to live amongst each other in relative harmony, how best can we be "tolerant" particularly on political/legal issues where there is a clash of core beliefs. Is tolerance really viable or a hard-line left, relativist dream? As an atheist...
  15. Cookie182

    Who is a Secular Humanist?

    I'm not the greatest fan of labels, yet I would say that the general precepts of Secular Humanism accurately reflect my life stance. A simple thread, I'm wondering who else on BOS would identify with the title and hoping to start a general discussion thread. Note, Secular Humanism is an...
  16. Cookie182

    Wife burns off husbands penis

    Justified action?
  17. Cookie182

    Are marriages more succesful when the wife "wears the pants"?

    I have a hypothesis and it’s based on little more then observation, yet I'm keen to see if anyone else agrees. As we learn from evolutionary biology, in the initial "courting" of a relationship the "male" tends to lead the interaction. This demonstration of masculine energy ultimately...
  18. Cookie182

    Euthanasia for Life Prisoners

    In light of the current euthanasia discussion (in which I fully support), who would extend the right to die to those sentenced to life in prison? In particular, those sentenced to several life terms, who have no chance of ever leaving a cell- eg Martin Bryant? I remember this article from a...
  19. Cookie182

    Corporal Punishment- In the Criminal Law

    Since we had a thread already on corporate punishment, in respect to schools/children and the home (all of which I strongly oppose) I was wondering if any nutcase right-wingers actually support CP as a method of state punishment for crimes- ie Singapores flogging etc
  20. Cookie182

    Do you view the US as a foundationally "Christian" nation?

    I've been reading up on US history as of late, and it does appear that many of the 'founding fathers' (not pilgrims) were at the very least strong skeptics, far more skeptical ironically 232 yrs ago then the "christian right" today. Jefferson, a deist and Franklin most notably an atheist are...