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  1. ohexploitable

    a bit of advice from someone who's a bit older than you

    don't stress you might think that the hsc is just a hurdle you need to cross and it'll be smooth sailing after but life doesn't get any easier only endone eases the pain
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    child beaten to death because he failed to rote learn the koran
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    free trial exam prep thing run by a group called ace tuition i went to their free umat prep thing yesterday evening and it was actually super helpful they did do a bit of advertising at the end so i just fucked off i'd suggest to give it a whirl (no, i am not...
  4. ohexploitable

    Med Rejects Roll Call 2012

    :cry: Come and contemplate suicide with me. Were you a high school leaver or non-standard? What was your ATAR/GPA and UMAT? Where did you apply? Did you attend any interviews? Are you going to try again next year? What are you planning on doing in the meantime? - High school leaver...
  5. ohexploitable

    is it harder to get a higher gpa in some degrees than others?

    okay i know it's difficult to compare two different degrees but for example both medical science and engineering involve maths subjects in first year from the looks of it the med sci maths is heaps easier, like general maths vs ext 2 do unis have a scaling system to counter this...
  6. ohexploitable

    quick question

    b medical science @ unsw (3 years), m biomedical engineering @ unsw (1.5 years), $4000 vs b medical science/b engineering (mechanical(biomedical)) @ usyd (5 years)
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    late/final round offers

    how do dey work like if i change my mind after main round will there still be places in the course i want?
  8. ohexploitable

    australian army reserve and uni

    do they mix well?
  9. ohexploitable

    B Engineering/B Laws

    So I was just gonna do engineering but found out I can combine it with law at UNSW, seems like a weird combination to me :S I sorta have an interest in law (not really), do these two courses really complement each other in any way? Can I just do law and drop it later if I end up hating it?
  10. ohexploitable

    2011 Raw Mark Estimates

    These aren't my exact raw marks that I got from the board of studies, they're just estimates (fairly accurate imo) from marking my own answers ~6 hours after each exam when answers became available from Terry Lee and others. Mathematics Extension 1 Raw: ~79/84, 94% Aligned: 96...
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    Advanced Chocolate Making

  12. ohexploitable

    best video game ever!!!

    The sequel to the best-selling worldwide hit "Farming Simulator" has loads of new features! Assume the role of a farmer experiencing the challenge of 18 hour days running a new farm in the middle of beautiful rolling countryside. You start the game by choosing from a small collection of...
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    who got interview offers for uncle/une medicine?

    after being rejected from uws i'd already given up on my hsc because i was like "hey if i didn't get into uws then how the fuck would i get in anywhere else?" well hey guess what came in the mail from uncle/une yesterday afternoon after i'd finished all my exams??? fuck i hate life
  15. ohexploitable

    why am i on my boredofstudies?

    why am i even on my computer right now?
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    ohexploitable's stuff

    i'm not some basement-dwelling james ruse 99.95 atar faggot so don't expect anything awesome it's just average stuff from an average student but here is some of my hsc shit edit: 2011 atar - 98.55 (fucking 0.45) ---- english -creative writing:
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    what do i need for a band 5???

    i really want at least a b5 in chem, what raw mark would i need?
  18. ohexploitable

    line of best fit

    i was under the impression that they're meant to be straight or should they be like this?
  19. ohexploitable

    for chemistry

    do i need to know the procedure of measuring the sulfate content in lawn fertiliser? because i really cbf
  20. ohexploitable

    drawing shit

    do i let loose and do everything freehand, saving time or do i spend my time making everything look perfect with compasses, rulers, protractors etc. ??? what do you do???