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    Songs you CANNOT stop listening to

    One special song that I never get tired of hearing: I caught fire - The Used And right now: I'm a fake Let it bleed Buried myself alive all by The Used and Rehab - Rihanna P.S I know it looks like I'm a die hard The Used fan but I'm really not lol, i just discovered those 3 songs...
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    The Subway thread

    steak and cheese. that's enough for me lol
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    Post your least favourite beer here

    indonesian made "Bintang" branded beer. i don't think it even contains the standard 5% level of alcohol o.o..never chuggin that crap again
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    Mi Goreng

    canteen???? what the hell? where do u go to school? i bet the owner's indonesian haha.. replying to the first post in this thread, is it really THAT addictive goodness..i like to eat it once in a while but i've never eaten 2 in a row..surely su'm dangerous will happen if u consume too...
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    What is the BEST pair of running/jogging shoes and what is your favourite pair?

    running/jogging? mine were nike air max imara..i used them a lot for tennis though, one of the reasons why the sole became so bald lol..and even though, i got em when i was like 12 years old, i still use em sometimes! in other words, very durable..but imara's not the first line of nike running...
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    Parlons-nous le francais ici!

    wow, il y a un nombre du monde qui parle le francais en australie hein? je ne savais jamais vraiment pas ca haha..mais c cool.. 2k je veux vous demander une chose, en new south wales, est-ce qu'il y a comme une communite pour ceux qui parlent francais ou quelque chose de cette sorte la? moi...
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    Bad Lecturers

    My list is: CSCI361 Willy Susilo - He's cool, a very practical guy, very patient regarding to some of the idiotic questions (lol, sry) some classmates have had for him. Always replies e-mails nicely too! CSCI366 Wanqing Li - Now, he's kind of another story. He responds to e-mails but stiffer...