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    Can anyone give me some ideas for Science Ext?

    I'm worried some of my ideas will be cliched... and the markers won't be too happy marking it
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    How to recover from prelims?

    I recently got my prelims back....its been a streak of bad luck On average I got 70's for basically everything.... should I be concerned about my hsc? Do they not reflect the structure of hsc??? Can someone please give me advice on how to recover and improve in the HSC?
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    2 Units of English

    You know how NESA takes your best two units of english and other 8 units of subjects.... what if your best two units of english were english ext 1 and english ext 2? Lets say you got English ext 1: 40-45/50 English ext 2: 40-45/50 Advanced: >80 (this is your lowest scaling subject) Other 8...
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    What is Science Extension?

    What is Science Extension?
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    I burnt out before my maths ext 1 prelim and all that study probably went to waste.....I haven't gotten my marks back yet bc Im still on holidays but can someone please give me advice on whether to do it or my previous thread I mentioned that I dont like how teachers cherry pick...
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    Is it better to do a short story or critical for English ext 2 major work?

    Please share your thoughts with me! Also can you guys give me tips on how to be original and avoid cliched ideas?
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    Should I do EXT 2 ENGLISH OR EXT 2 MATHS???

    Should I do EXT 2 ENGLISH OR EXT 2 MATHS??? MATHS EXT2: The thing about ext 2 maths is I'm worried I might burn out. I studied so hard for the prelims and completely was burnt out the night before. The exam the next day was ridiculously easy. All the questions were cherry-picked. I was so...