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    Songs about Belonging?

    fast cars- tracy chapman some technques used are: - shift in variation: starts offwith we than says you reffering to her boyfriend - repetition: repeats be someone as she believes that when a person belongs they are someone, otherwise they are a nobody. - remenising: remembers when her...
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    Migrant Hostel

    wow that was helpful! thanks
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    i'm tired as well and it's really bad . i'm burnt out i was actually more motivated for yr 11 rather than yr 12. i think i jus need a few weeks of holidays!!
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    what TYPE of school do u go to?

    Re: Public School vs. Private i used to go to a private school and i now go to a public school and i think in terms of education they are the same and so are th teachers. however facilities are better in private. by the way i am actually doing better in public. however private schools are good...
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    Supplmentary material for "Changing Perspective"

    spiriteway- anime movie it's hardly used and really good about changing perspectices and the little girl chihiro changes'
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    related text for "my father began as a god"

    much ado about nothing- film which is based on changing perspectives
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    Change - Related Texts

    a walk to remember - film spirited away- anime movie gwen hardwood poems
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    How tall are you?

    152 cm :mad:
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    twilight series

    it's the best series ever i used to hate reading but ever since i read the twilight series i'm addicted