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    What are we all doing for our Practicals?!?!

    So... the practicals/trials are coming fast (oh geez) and was wondering what everyone on BOS is doing?? :guitar: I myself am doing 4 performances (Music 1) on the clarinet: - 3rd Movement from Sonatina by Malcolm Arnold - 1st Movement from Saint Saens clarinet sonata in E Major - Rondo...
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    Internal and External Marks

    Hi all :) I was wondering about how your internal rank affects your external mark?? I have read most the information about it but am still a bit confused. The main thing I am wondering about is for example, if I came 3rd in internals but 1st in externals (for my cohort), would I get the mark...
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    PE Past Papers???

    Hey everyone :tongue: Does anyone have/know where to get any PE past papers other than the HSC ones on BOS? I am just looking for questions to do and have run out :eek: