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    how should i structure notes for chemistry modern legal maths? (if im bothered although the textbook has it all) english? (do people do this)
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    can someone create an essay question for me for modern

    the topics i have cut it down to are the rwandan civil war, ugandan bush war or like stalin and all his bs. the question needs to be like assess, evaluate, to what extent bla bla type of questions.
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    loose leaf or exercise books for these subjects

    english adv maths adv (was thinking of separating into hw and theory) chemistry legal modern geo bio physics eco so many subjects because i might be changing lol. and i would like actual answers not people telling me whatever suits you. thx
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    what are some basic concepts i need to know for preliminary chemistry?

    I was just wondering if you should start chemistry with some previous knowledge to make it easier.
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    what do i need to prepare over the holidays for these subjects advanced english advanced maths chemistry legal modern geo what are textbook recs for each subect? do i rlly need one for each subject? which subjecgts would i need to focus on the most?
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    stationery list for next year

    yeah pilot pens are pricy but its honestly worth the price
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    stationery list for next year

    Hi i was wondering what stationery i would need for each subject -adv english -adv maths -chem -legal -modern -geo
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    Help!!! ext english

    lol never mind my teacher said there is a chance they'll do it after school so you wont catch me ever doing ext english
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    Help!!! ext english

    So ive been getting top marks in english all year (All round A's, maybe one high b) and i was thinking about doing english extension. I have two teachers. One of them who has more experience told most of the class to do english studies and i dont know why. The other said while im topping the...
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    Are these subjects ok???

    i dont know which one i like more. Generally i enjoy ancient more but the content is boring as shit and the modern syllabus looks so good. Im definitely going to pick up history extension. Ive been thinking that during the first few weeks next year if i rlly dont like it i would drop ancient and...
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    Are these subjects ok???

    I want 90+, i know ill have to do good especially in history coz apparently the scaling is meh i wanna do either -law and arts -law and geoscience (its weird) -art and geoscience
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    Are these subjects ok???

    I picked the following subjects for next year -advanced english -advanced maths -chemistry -legal studies -modern history -ancient history reserves -geography -economics -investigating science Is this a weird combination?? What if i dont get my subjects. I swear to god if i dont get at least...