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    Good JFK Sources

    ur jfk thing hi, at school were doing jfk as our personality in extn. were using seymorur hersh, the dark side of camelot as it shows all the bad things bout kennedy and schlesinger and sorensen who have ritten memoir's bout him. they were officals of some sort. hope it helps! emilia ps...
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    ANCIENT GREECE (peloponnesian war)

    hi, i was just wondering if anyone else is learning about the peloponnesian war or is my teach teaching us the wrong thing!!!!! im really really worried!!! thanks
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    I.R.P. Home

    im doing hsc students have alot of pressure placesd on them... what can help them cope?? our plan was due term 4 2003 and our irp itself is due in july. ive only done my plan. nothing else. im stressing coz all my other friend r busy on theirs and i cant interview them as my primary resources...
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    wat to do?!?!?!

    i am really stuck on wat 2 do for my major assesment for his. extension. i wanted 2 do "alexander the great" but i cant coz he is part of my ancient history sylabus. sooo im really stuck. ne ideas would be great!!!!