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    What are the next two numbers in this sequence?

    Hey everyone, I came across this question while applying for something. Was totally stumped on it, wondering if anyone has a solution! edit: the question is: What follows in the sequence? 2, 88, 80, 16, 11, 3, 30, 95, ?, ?
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    Physiotherapy job prospects?

    How is it? When I graduate from a physio course from uni, will I be guaranteed a job or will I be stuck searching for one?
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    Confused about wording

    If the question asks "find the velocity at the end of 4 seconds", do we sub in t=4 or t=5?
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    Weird trig discrepancy?

    tan(2x)=cot(x) - Find the solutions of x for 0 <= x <= 2pi What I did was double angle for tan, and convert cot to 1/tanx Then solving for tan x from the quadratic, I got tanx = +- pi/6 + kpi However, when subbing x=pi/2 into the question, LHS=RHS but it is not one of the solutions from the...
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    ATAR estimate please

    School rank: Top 20 Physics: 30/90 MX1: 25/130 MX2: 4/65 Eng advanced: 75/140 Chemistry: 55/130
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    Does Year 11 count towards ATAR now?!

    So I just heard from a friend that heard from his friends that Year 11 counts towards the final ATAR now. Is that true? I thought everything's going to start fresh in Year 12.
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    Question about MedEntry

    So the UMAT exam is in late July. If I was to apply for a MedEntry course, would I only have access to the course's materials for half a year? Apparently, all the courses "shut down" after the UMAT exam is finished? Can anyone confirm if this is true or not?
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    HSC English marking?

    How are our responses for Advanced English marked? Is it only marked by one person? because if we get a grumpy marker, as opposed to a really soft marker, will our marks become lower?
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    Activation Code?

    So my friend just created his account and he's saying that the activation code is not being sent to him. Any help?
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    complex question.

    Solve completely x^2+16 = 30i This question looks so frustratingly easy, but I have no ideas. Any help?
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    Why is (negative constant)^infinity undefined?
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    Umat past papers.

    Around 2 months ago, I stumbled across some free UMAT papers that were on this site. I've just recently formatted my computer and silly me forgot to copy the UMAT papers :( . Does anyone remember the thread? if so- can you link me? Thanks.
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    Tips for Year 10?

    This is my first thread, so please excuse any mistake I make. So I'm currently in Year 10 right now (not a lot of year 10s in BoS..), do you guys have any tips? Like, should I still chillax, or start to harden up? any suggestions would be appreciated! :)