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    Sem 2 2013 Results

    So results are out how did you all go? I did alright. Didn't do so well in course I was most confident in haha. It was also an ethics course. Guess I am not very ethical. T2 LAWS1091 Business Associations............76 DN T2 LAWS1210 Law, Lawyers and Society.........66 CR T2...
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    Just gonna post some details relating to camps for those interested. BSOC Camp Costs: $260 Payment: Most likely Cash Goes on sale during O-Week Camp most likely after Week 1 LawSoc Camp Costs: $130 Payment: Most likely Online via Credit/Debit Cards Goes on sale roughly after Week 2 Camp most...
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    How to decline USYD 2nd Round Offer?

    Hey all, I recently received an offer at UNSW for Combined Law and doubt that I would get a 2nd round offer for Law at USYD. Because of this I did not change the order of my preference, however when i checked yesterday, USYD has decided to offer me a Combined Law spot. However because I...
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    Commerce/Law at USYD or UNSW

    Hey all I am currently torn between choosing where to study Commerce/Law at. I heard UNSW as a heavier emphasis on commercial law and this is what I am looking to be part of. However USYD is more convenient for me to study at and I also heard that the Law faculty is really good. So I really...
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    Year 11 Prelim Reports

    Hey now that Prelim is over, I was wondering if anyone wanted to share their results. Also maybe post what subject you are doing next year and dropping Mine are English Adv 89 29/161 Maths Ext 1 94 2/104 Chemistry 89 4/84 Biology 91 11/77 Legal Studies 90 8/52 SOR I 48 2/13 At my school for...
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    Locus and Quadratics Help ASAP

    hey can someone help with some maths questions. 1) A is a point where the circle with equation x^2 + y^2 = 16 cuts the X-axis. Find the locus of the midpoints of all chords of this circle tht contain the point A. 2) Find the equation of the locus of the midpoints of all chords of length 4...
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    Critical Study North and South

    Hey I was wondering, has anyone done North and South for their Critical Study or doing it currently? I am a bit confused about what happens in the end.
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    What is chemical analysis?

    Hey i was wondering what is chemical analysis? Is it something like gravametrical analysis? Thanks
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    Syllabus dot point help

    hey all i need help with writing notes to some of the syllabus dot points for the prelim course. they are: describe the relationship between the structure of cell organelles and their function for this one i dont know wats the relationship between the structure and function of nucleus and...