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  1. Recondit

    WWW? Wimbledon 2014

    ================= [1]Djokovic v Golubev Stepanek v Cuevas Kravchuk v Simon Haase v [31]Pospisil [17]Youzhny v Ward Wang v Gonzalez Klahn v Querrey Melzer v [14]Tsonga --------------------- [12]Gulbis v Zopp Stakhovsky v Berlocq Chardy v Cox Matosevic v [18]Verdasco [26]Cilic v...
  2. Recondit

    Mid-semester Transfer from UWS to UNSW

    Hi BOS, Nearing towards the end of 1st semester, I have come to the conclusion that I am not compatible with my current course and do not see myself as a future physiotherapist. Each passing week has made me less convinced that this is the path that I want to follow and this was confirmed with...
  3. Recondit

    Chances for EAS

    ATAR cut-off for my desired course is 98.50 (UWS Physio/Hlth Sci) I get 5 Regional bonus points automatically, so my entry cut-off will be lowered to 93.50 However, I think I will only get an ATAR of around 92-92.5 I am entitled to have 10 bonus points altogether I have applied for EAS for...
  4. Recondit

    Essay Structure

    Para 1: Intro with thesis Para 2: Intro for 1st idea (synthesised both poems) Para 3: 1st poem 1st idea Para 4: 2nd poem 1st idea Para 5: Intro for 2nd idea (synthesised both poems) Para 6: 1st poem 2nd idea Para 7: 2nd poem 2nd idea Para 8: Conclusion Is this a viable outline for an...
  5. Recondit

    Atar Estimate

    School Rank: 20-25 English Standard: 9/35 Mathematics (2u): 9/113 Mathematics (3u): 25/108 Physics: 26/78 Agriculture: 36/55 Chemistry: 62/111 --> Screwed rank in two research-based tasks If anyone is curious, the school estimated 95.10 which I think is exaggerated