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  1. jennyfromdabloc

    Do you ever pay for dates?

    Sparked by this: What men dislike about single women My answer is no, never. It's great because it filters out women who expect chivalry and old school treatment, which they ain't gonna get from me.
  2. jennyfromdabloc

    Worth claiming the dole for 2 weeks

    So I'm between jobs for 11 days. Is it worth claiming the dole for this time. I see no reason not to since I just apply online. Then as I understand you just go in once and they back date it to the date you applied online. Seems worth it to get ~$400. Anyone had a similar experience?
  3. jennyfromdabloc

    Alpha males: does the concept apply to modern homo-sapiens

    The logic of self proclaimed pickup artists ect is basically that since in some species there are alpha males who mate with all the females in the pack to the almost complete exclusion of other males, this must therefore apply to humans. Therefore, if you don't buy our stuff and learn the...
  4. jennyfromdabloc

    When will Australia have a gay prime minister?

    Like full on queer as the dickens. And he greets foreign dignitaries with his camp boyfriend. And still opposes gay marriage, because he realizes that his life should be controlled by "community values." Would be pretty awesome imo.
  5. jennyfromdabloc

    Let's regulate relationship

    Every year millions of Australians are hurt by bad relationships. Not only is it bad for people's wellbeing, it costs us billions of hours of lost productivity and causes the spread of deadly diseases. The government should issue sex licences for people who have been checked for STDs. People...
  6. jennyfromdabloc

    Dear lefties, Rudd is a CRIMINAL who has BETRAYED you

    To those young people and left wing minded people who thought Rudd would be a progressive, how do you feel about the fact that he has: -Plans to implement mandatory internet censorship -Failed to remove Australian troops from the middle east. -Failed to change or even discuss changes to...
  7. jennyfromdabloc

    Should we move towards banning smoking

    That's the direction we seem to be headed in. I think most people can see that it is impractical right now. But there seems to be a view that there is nothing morally wrong with preventing people from smoking by force. After all, we already ban other illegal drugs which are actually less...
  8. jennyfromdabloc

    Is racism really that bad?

    Sure its stupid. But people seem to act like its the worst thing in the world. In my view its no more irrational than believing on god, or thinking that we should persecute people because they engage in prostitution or enjoy ingesting particular chemicals. For some reason it is socially...
  9. jennyfromdabloc

    Child Support: Should it exist?

    Why should parents be forced to make mandatory, arbitrary payments to children that in many cases they are not even allowed to see? If a woman decides to have a child, that is her choice. She should decide that she is financially competent to take care of that child before she goes through...
  10. jennyfromdabloc

    Is having sex with children necessarily wrong?

    Pwar Yuex got me thinking. Perhaps I am just blindly accepting this taboo like all the other taboos I criticize other people for blindly accepting. Certainly in some circumstances it may be inseparable from causing physical pain and harm, i.e. an adult man having penetrative sex with a child...
  11. jennyfromdabloc

    Which Western Taboos do you agree with?

    Bold the taboos you actually agree are morally wrong (as opposed to merely foolish, as may be the case with drug taking). Bold and Italicize if you think they are somewhat wrong. I'd argue that most taboos that many people take for granted are pretty silly, and that people just accept them...
  12. jennyfromdabloc

    Should the government nationalize food and issue us with GOVERNMENT MEALS?

    Most people recognise the need for government intervention in important areas like healthcare and education. This is a good start, but what could be more important than food? I propose that the government nationalize all food production. It can then guarantee nutritious, good quality food to...
  13. jennyfromdabloc

    Internet Democracy

    The technology for it is already available. Direct democracy may finally be cost effective thanks to the internet. Basically, each citizen has a secure login, and is able to directly vote on key pieces of legislation. Of course voting would have to be voluntary given the volume of legislation...
  14. jennyfromdabloc

    Going out: Loaded gun v Spanking the monkey

    So you're about to head out with the hope of returning home later with an attractive girl; maybe its a first date, maybe you're just hoping to randomly pick up, maybe its a casual thing but there's potential for it to become more. Do you find its best if you have a good hard fap before you...
  15. jennyfromdabloc

    Is it morally wrong to break the law?

    I know what the libertarians will say, so this is a question for those that believe the democratic nation state is legitimate. Obviously people dismiss situations like Nazi Germany on the basis that laws made by a dictatorship are illegitimate, but modern democracies have made some pretty...
  16. jennyfromdabloc

    Should police have any powers that ordinary citizens don't?

    Police are just people. I have no problem with people being hired to defend other people, but their right to do this is merely derived from the individual's right to self defense. The police are as fallible as anyone else (arguably more so). How can we justify giving these often...
  17. jennyfromdabloc

    How big is your sex drive?

    Ideally, how many times per day, on average, would you want to have sex. Me: 2
  18. jennyfromdabloc

    Neoclassical Economics: A beginners guide

    1. The free market is the best way to allocate resources and it will tend towards equilibrium. 2. Interfering with the market through price controls leads to surpluses, shortages and instability. 3. Monopolies are bad for consumers. 4. The government should deliberately create a central bank...
  19. jennyfromdabloc

    The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed

    Should we have similar protection of our right to bear arms here in Australia? So far the debate has been about whether access to guns reduces or increase crime. In my view this is not the most important reason for allowing ordinary citizens to own guns: I am not a conspiracy theorist of...