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  1. yy-d

    b Psychology + Honours

    This much I know (please correct me if i'm wrong)~ : to be a registered psychologist you must at least do an Honours year, however, if I don't meet the ATAR cut off for BPsych (which includes the Honours year), it's possible to do an honours degree in psychology in other programs like...
  2. yy-d

    is UMAT required for psych?

    I want to study psychology at usyd...but I heard from a friend of mine that UMAT is a requirement for health sciences (is psych even a health science?? o_O) ...I was quite sure that I didn't need to do UMAT though...until today so right now, I'm somewhat scared I'm confused. Am I misinformed?
  3. yy-d

    French Films and Music.

    What French Films have you seen that are worth watching? So far I've loved Amelie and Jeux D'enfant so much I actually went out to buy it. La Vie en Rose is quite felt powerful (haha its the only word that came to mind). What else is out there? Opinions, Review welcome :) ah...