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  1. aanthnnyyy

    GEN ED Enrolment help!!!!

    hey everyone, since im doing a dual deg on com/eco i have to do 2 compulsory gen ed courses. I was thinking about doing Psychology of Work GENS9005, but when I enrol it's not there as that code. Would enrolling under PSYC1025 be the same thing? The Equivalent of GENS9005 on the handbook says...
  2. aanthnnyyy

    1202 probabiility help please!!!!

    Upcoming tutorial quiz coming up nxt week and probability still killing me from high school to uni :( could anyone please help me with these few Q's, textbook doesnt even display the answer. Please do note that im not just seeking solutions, i really want to know how to tackle these problems...
  3. aanthnnyyy

    Econ 1202 help plz

    hey guys mainly just confused about the wording of the question: A piece of land can be purchased by paying $50 000 cash or $20 000 deposit and two equal payments of $20 000 at the end of 2 years and 4 years respectively - does two equal payments of 20,000 mean 10,000 @ end of year 2 and...
  4. aanthnnyyy

    B. Comm (International) vs B. Comm/B. Econ

    Just finished HSC and stuck between which degree I should leave as first preference :/. Any ideas, experiences would be greatly appreciated
  5. aanthnnyyy

    Case Study Finance

    Anybody know a really good case study for finance in particular on the limitations on financial reports + ethical issues Thanks !
  6. aanthnnyyy

    Electrochemical Methods -Lead Acid Battery

    Can someone please help me derive the Cathode and Anode for a lead acid battery cell? As appeared and how did they obtain a 2.2V potential
  7. aanthnnyyy


    School Rank : 469. (Horrible right? [emoji36]) English Adv: 2/72 Maths: 2/14 Maths Ext: 1/3 Chemistry: 2/9 Business Studies: 2/15 Economics: 1/4 (thank god I will never be in a class with these morons ever again) Legal Studies: 1/24 ---- All classes I am 1-2 mark off 1st
  8. aanthnnyyy

    Shipwrecks - electrolysis

    Hey guys I'm having trouble knowing which pairs of standard potential equations when it comes to electrolysis,. As you know there are about 3 different water half equations on the table and sometimes they are mixed with metal ones but other times (like if there are two inert electrodes) the...
  9. aanthnnyyy

    RBA Stats Table

    Does anybody know the URL for the RBA LAGE that gives snapshots of all the main current statistics - I forgot and can't find it godamn itttt. Help would be appreciated !
  10. aanthnnyyy

    Locus problem help !

    Q. Write down the equation of the locus of a point P that is 2 units from the point A(1,-3) I assume you have to use distance formula but I'm sorta stuck :/
  11. aanthnnyyy

    EAS Scheme

    Anyone applying for the EAS ?
  12. aanthnnyyy

    Projectiles- collision

    can someone also help clarify what the actual Equation of the trajectory of motion is?
  13. aanthnnyyy

    Simple harmonic motion question

    hey guys I've done parts a and b. Could I get some help on c please
  14. aanthnnyyy

    Past HSC Trial Papers

    Does anybody know where I can find some; been through all of dans resources and other drivers and they're either 10 years old or just james ruse or no solutions or bad print :(((((( any ideas ? It is harder finding recent trial papers than doing the work !!!
  15. aanthnnyyy

    Are my screwed?

    So i have started to feel a little more pessimistic after realizing the horrid ranking of my school (469 I think) I've briefly mentioned this before but how badly will I be effected since I've completed trials now.... For each of my subjects I'm ranked 1st or 2nd for sure, which is about 89%+...
  16. aanthnnyyy

    Essay question help !!

    'Explain the causes and effects of economic growth and its impact on ecological sustainability in the Australian economy. In your response you should refer to the economic information provided' Stimulus 1) - 'asset bubbles in shares and property could burst in the next 6 to 18 months...
  17. aanthnnyyy

    Reporting crime

    Does anyone know a really good NSW case on reporting crime + any very recent stats...the closest I can find is 2006
  18. aanthnnyyy

    2005 paper

    anyone have this !!!!
  19. aanthnnyyy

    I need help

    So here's the deal... I'm asian. And you all know what that means ... Conservative and Overprotective. You've all heard it before so I'm sorry if this is for the 50000th time but I don't know what to do... So I went out this Friday night and returned home and everything.. But I have another...
  20. aanthnnyyy

    Calculus in hsc and trials

    'Find any stat points and determine nature' Do we need to locate inflexion or not? Sometimes in papers as I've found they do and other times they don't. (Assuming finding inflexion is not in the next part of question)