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    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 (AOS)

    first section was a bit LOL, i think i babbled on a bit creative writing was alrite, but i was running over the 40 min mark, could have written more i ran out of time for section three fml 5/8/9 but thank god thats over, bring on the modules =='
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    General Thoughts: Business Studies

    lmao i know, that was so stupid. epic fail.
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    General Thoughts: Business Studies

    loll to extended response. that was a relatively challenging exam, i think trials were easier funnily enough.
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    Anyone elses Maths (Adv.) trial really really effing hard? haha

    murdering maths so badly right now feckinggg haateee iittt >.< trial 2mrw =='
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    2009 Trial HSC Exams Discussion

    CSSA business trial was LOONGGGG lmao i kind of flipped out in the report but seriously i dont digg sitting on my ass for 3 hours lol
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    2009 Trial HSC Exams Discussion

    LOL you think your timetable's bad >.< i have monday - english tuesday - english wednesday - clash = bstd first, then hospitality thursday - religion and then the following week monday - maths tuesday - cafs then a whole week of nothingness ! what a bitch >.< lmao DEATH TO TRIALS:bomb:
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    What I am doing/wearing today

    At parents workplace studying, currently wearing; - grey bardot skinnys (bought by my bf) - white singlet - yellow long sleeve top - forcast bomber jacket + hoodie - faux leather jacket (bought by bf) - black flat ruby flats - cross necklace (bought by boyfriend) - grey scarf :)
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    How do you study for english ?

    Hey people :) So like im wondering, how do u write up english notes? Or do i even need notes? Im so confused >.< Any study tips before i tackle ext.response questions ? Much appreciated.
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    extended response question

    Hey there fellow cafs students :) I have this ext. response question and quite frankly i have no idea on where to pull the information from. It refers to Groups in context. "For two groups you have studied, propose modifications that can be made to the social environment to facilitate the...
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    Friends of the opposite sex

    of course its possible my two best friends are guys and theyre great and fantastic to have around. i also have a girl bestfriend theyre very supporting but yeah derh it is possible to have a guy friend and not hav sexual feelings for them
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    for our first hsc assesment for english we have to write a proposal (?) of a speech we intend to present, but obv dont. its quite broad and very silly and need more infor. so sucks and so going to need help from this thread :) so, in advance thankyou all for the different concepts and ideas...
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    how to summarise the entire course?

    know the syllabus and thats about it lol
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    Longest relationship?

    lets see, 13 months the first time around, broke up for a year becuz i was sick of it. now we're back together and it's been 2 months and a bit :)
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    irp survey questions

    hello fellow cafs'ers, ive just started my irp and im kind of struggling with questions to post. My statement/question is: The effects of alcohol on the wellbeing of 14-17 teenage females. any help is appreciated. thanks.
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    Good to have smart friends?

    lol, in my group were basically all nerds, but with lives. LOL my group of friends are so smart and they encourage me and smotivate me which is awesome. we also tutor eachother, read over eachothers works and stuff its great so yes i think its good to have a group of smart friends :)
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    Future Plans: What ATAR/course/job are you aiming for?

    Re: Future Plans: What UAI/course/job are you aiming for? im gonna b a lil realistic with my score so im hoping for 85+ and i wud lyk to study something to do with managerial work , lyk secretary in a major company. but idk wat i have to study ? but yeah one of the major uni's would be great :)
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    Relationships & HSC

    why wud you ? rofl you jsut need to figure out when to see eachothr and stuff and respect eachothers workloads. derh
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    First Day

    LOL zomg, if i hear " your year 12 students now and the expectations .. blah blah blah " im gonna go insane thats all ive been hearing ! LOL
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    excuse my language in advanced but stress & prelims can kiss my ass ! ive been stressing & now ive just given up all hope I SO CANNOT BE BOTHERED ! LOLLL
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    Subject choices for yr12

    meh keeping all mysubjects wish i cud drop to SOR1, but i wanan keep it just in case i HATEEEEEE SOR2:burn: