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    How do you study for english ?

    Hey people :) So like im wondering, how do u write up english notes? Or do i even need notes? Im so confused >.< Any study tips before i tackle ext.response questions ? Much appreciated.
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    extended response question

    Hey there fellow cafs students :) I have this ext. response question and quite frankly i have no idea on where to pull the information from. It refers to Groups in context. "For two groups you have studied, propose modifications that can be made to the social environment to facilitate the...
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    irp survey questions

    hello fellow cafs'ers, ive just started my irp and im kind of struggling with questions to post. My statement/question is: The effects of alcohol on the wellbeing of 14-17 teenage females. any help is appreciated. thanks.
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    Uni Open Days ?

    i know tht basically all of them have passed but does anyone know if lyk there are any more open days at the end of the year or anything ? i had no bloody idea until it passed tht they had open day ==' oh btw this is syd region im asking about ty !
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    2u religion assignment

    heyas, this religion assignment is like racking on my head and i need some small suggestions as to these questions - or possibly a website that could provide me some information ? 1)Evaluate the importance of the Patriarchs and Moses in the development of Judaism. 2) Evaluate the role of...
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    english help ?

    ok, so ive put my views forward onto paper about how society portrays gender and the way its changed. can anyone else think of anything ? i have to write a 1&half page - 2 page response for a question: "Why is the issue of gender an ongoing and complex one for society?" any pointers ? all...
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    change in self - picture book

    hey my area of study for english is change in self and i need a ort for it ive already got a book but i need either: a painting, print advertisement, cartoon, drawing, photographic image, sculpture or picture book i want to do a picture book, but it also has to relate back to my main text which...
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    business study notes > preliminary course

    hey im in my prelims atm, and i was wondering if anyone has study notes for the following topics i am covering this year: - key business functions -establishing a business -developing a business task it would be much appreciated thanks.