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    Call me crazy!

    Data entry sounds like the go. As for selling myself for money, Im already selling myself for my art so thats out.
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    Bad Lecturers

    Clearly, there are not too many creative arts students here. Although I did notice you writing kids there! So, bottom line, I have 1 lecture per week. Thats it. By golly its good doing a practical subject. However, Margaret is amazingly smart, knows theatre like nobody else, sees...
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    Past Notes Requests

    I can offer any 1st year performance notes, PHIL106 [including my exam answers :D ], partial France and the French [I quit cause the guy was being an ass], and ENGL120 [well - Im doing that now so I can offer at the end of semester!]. Anyone with ENGL120 notes will have my eternal love and...
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    Call me crazy!

    Call me crazy, but Im looking for a job, or a series of jobs, for my mid year break at uni. Im talking like 6 weeks, Im headed overseas at the end of the year, I really need the cash. Can anyone suggest anything?
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    The theatre thread....

    Hey all! I know I cant be the only actor + lover of theatre out there. So spill - whats showing now thats good? I recently saw Implausible People at the Old Fitz in Woolloomooloo [or however you spell it] in Sydney and it was Fantastic! Is there anything else showing now that I should be...
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    UniCentre VIP worth it?

    THats why I love UOW - you get the discounts without supporting the union because VIP is NOT run by the union!!!
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    First Year Student Help

    Honey the electives are called electives because you can do what you want. Im doing a creative arts degree and I did a philosophy elective and a languages elective last year. Im pretty sure if you stick to something within your faculty then it will help, if thats what your up for! Maybe talk...
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    Moving from Sydney to Wollonong

    It depends where your moving to. I moved in with a family in Farmborough Heights last semester as a nanny during the evenings for their 10 year old son and it was great to be closer to uni but I got more work done living in Sydney. I would suggest that if your living on campus then you...
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    how to avoid falling asleep during lectures?

    In creative arts we like to employ the 'buddy system'. We pick one or 2 people to be on note-taking duty and hype them up on sugar, caffeine, energy drinks and anything else we can find pre-lecture so that they stay awake and take notes while the rest of us snooze. If you happen to wake up...
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    Creative Arts Students!

    Why is there no forum for us? Lame! And all you people NOT doing a creative arts subject - why not?!
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    How do you think you went?

    Australian Drama was Ruby Moon and 7 Stages of Grieving wasnt it?? (well those are the texts i did) I think i did really well in that one but i didnt do Irish Drama. I liked both my questions and i think ive done pretty well. anyone else do site-specific street and event theatre?
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    Ruby Moon - Notes

    Ok just looked at who posted before me, and realised that you IN my class! Feeling kinda stupid now, hi georgia!!!!!!! I should learn to look at the names, no wonder you looked at Freuds theory!
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    Site-Specific, Street and Event Theatre

    What did you want to know about it? And while we're here, what performance did you do for this module??
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    Ruby Moon - Notes

    Yeah we looked at it in class - we didnt do heaps on it Ive only put like 1 sentence about it in my essay but its definately worth a look.
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    Game as ORM?

    I know of someone who used the window from playschool as their text - not the whole show, just the window. If you do it well enough you wont get marks taken off for using a game. It would be unfair, like taking marks off someone for using a novel - there both texts so there both fine to use...
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    Creative ways to destroy the stimulus book

    bahaha sweetie, when your my age (coz im SO old and wise lol!), you'll wanna destroy your stimulus booklet. After the 1st 3 weeks (if that) it gets about as stimulating as a pineapple. or less. as for destruction methods? well how about not TOTALLY destroying it, just getting your trusty...
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    Hello? A little help, please...

    Is ANYONE else in the universe doing this topic? Im having a little trouble understanding it all.
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    Creative writing

    Well, unless they ask for a specific type of journey like imaginative, inner, physical (which they CAN do but havent yet) you dont have to write about a specific type of journey, or so i was told, no matter what your focus is. But if you wanted to, you have to write a definition of an...
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    help plz: wot r the values of frontline?

    Hi there, i no exactly how u feel. I would suggest that the purposes of Frontline are to entertain while providing a deeper insight into what drives your average current affairs show, and to satirise both current affairs shows, their presenters and their production teams. The 'Frontline' team...
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    MAJOR Frontline Assessment Probs...

    OK i have to pick an episode, pick 2 events in that episode, and create a storyboard to show how film and language techniques etc, are illustrating the concept. I picked We Aint Got Dames when they are trying to get rid of elliot and auditioning a new 'friday night funnyman' and when Mike is...